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Cleaning a flat screen TV: scratch-free and streak-free

Cleaning a flat screen TV: scratch-free and streak-free

Are the dust, grease marks, and fingerprints on your flat screen TV obscuring your view? We’ve got the best tips for you on how to regain full visibility while treating your screen with utmost care!

The sun shows the dirt in all its glory

It is almost impossible to avoid dirt collecting on your flat screen over time – after all, the screen attracts dust magnetically due to its static charge. If the sun shines directly on the device, you end up getting an even bigger fright. Now you know it’s definitely time to clean the flat screen! But there are some things you should take into account so that the sensitive appliance is not only dirt and dust-free after cleaning, but also that it stays fully functional and scratch-free.

Is it best to clean your flat screen dry or wet?

To give your screen a quick spruce in between cleaning times, dry cleaning is usually sufficient. It’s best to make it a weekly habit as this will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating and making wet cleaning necessary later.

To remove dust and small bits of lint, a microfiber cloth or alternatively a soft, anti-static dust cloth is the best idea. Avoid using cleaning clothes used for cleaning glasses as these sometimes contain additives that can damage the screen’s surface.

Dry cleaning a flat screen

Gently wipe the surface of the flat screen with a soft cloth. For grooves and hard-to-reach areas, use a soft brush. Alternatively, compressed air can be used that you spray into the nooks and crannies to dislodge any dirt that has built up there. However, you should only use this when the screen is completely dry, so that no moisture gets blown inside the TV through small gaps. If you also want to remove dust from ventilation openings and connections, you should use a hoover. Be careful with the fans inside the flat screen – if they are accidentally set in motion by airflow from the hoover, the appliance may generate electricity and get damaged.

Wet cleaning a flat screen

If dry wiping doesn’t work, then you will need to wet clean the flat screen. To do this, it is important to switch off the TV first and make sure that it has cooled down completely before you start cleaning. The first step is to carefully wipe down the screen with a dry cloth to remove any dirt particles - otherwise these can scratch the screen once you start wet cleaning. Moisten a second cloth with tap water and wring it out well before use. The screen should only get slightly damp, but not wet. Then wipe the screen clean with careful, gentle movements and then dry it well to avoid streaks. It’s important that no water gets into the ventilation slots, as this could cause the appliance to short circuit.

Be careful with cleaning products

Normally tap water works just fine for cleaning your flat screen. If there are grease marks that cannot be removed with water, we recommend using a special screen cleaner. Some products also have an anti-static effect, which prevents new dust deposits from collecting on the screen. However, you should always use the cleaner sparingly and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Glass cleaners and products containing solvents or acids are not suitable for cleaning your flat screen.