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What to do with chewing gum on jeans

What to do with chewing gum on jeans

Have you ever been travelling or simply away from the house, and you sit down - EEEWWWW! You have chewy stuck to your trousers that someone decided to leave on the park bench. Not only is it a real bummer, but you know you cannot just peel it off your new jeans!

There are a few ways to get chewing gum off jeans… and any denim for that matter, which is a rugged and strong fabric. No need to panic - you have a few options to take chewing gum off jeans.

Three tips to get chewing gum off jeans

Depending on your time, resources, and location, one or more of these three ways to deal with chewing gum on jeans will be useful so you do not have to throw your new favourite jeans away. Whatever you do – DO NOT try to wash it off in the washing machine right away or you may bake on the gum for good. After the gum is completely removed, you can wash your jeans to make sure there is no stain.

TIP #1: Ice

  1. Take 2 -3 cubes of ice from the freezer and place them directly onto the gum – overlapping onto the denim jeans. Wait 20 minutes to get the gum good and cold.
  2. Rub the ice into the gum to make sure it is all covered with cold ice.
  3. Take a dull knife like a butter knife, a credit card, or clean paint scraper and loosen the gum. Depending on the type of gum, you should be able to easily remove the chewing gum from the jeans.
  4. There may be very tiny pieces left or residue on your jeans. If this is so, get a toothbrush (do not use one you have been cleaning with or using to brush your teeth) and gently brush away any leftover particles.
  5. When this is complete, you can feel free to give your jeans a dab of stain-remover and a cool-temperature wash in the washing machine to ensure the entire area is clean. We recommend Cold Power Advanced Clean Liquid to do the job.

TIP #2: A hot iron

  1. Grab a piece of cardboard and put it under the jeans where the chewy is stuck.
  2. Get an old newspaper and an iron.
  3. Heat the iron at its medium-high temperature and do not use any steam.
  4. Place the newspaper directly onto the gum and place the iron on the newspaper ever so gently (without moving it back and forth) on the newspaper.
  5. The gum will stick to the newspaper and you can then peel off the chewing gum from the jeans.
  6. If there is any residue or stain or a darker area, let it sit a while and then it will be fine to dry clean or wash if needed.

TIP #3: Vinegar

  1. Heat a small amount of distilled white vinegar in a microwave-safe container for about 30 seconds.
  2. Grab a new (not used) toothbrush and dip it onto the warm vinegar and gently rub into the gum.
  3. The vinegar will soften the gum and you can use a dull knife or credit card to peel it back and remove it.
  4. As with all gum removal ideas, be sure that the entire piece of gum is gone. There may be very tiny gum particles you cannot see so feel free to dry clean or wash in the washing machine.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to get chewing gum off jeans. As you may know, chewing gum manages to get everywhere so if you ever need help removing it from other areas, check out our articles on removing chewing gum from a shoe and removing gum from hair.

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