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Christmas table decorations

Christmas table decorations

If you’re having guests around for a Christmas meal, then no doubt you’ve already brought out your best dinnerware and are serving up scrumptious food for the big occasion. However, now is also the time to think about the table centerpiece and festive decoration that everyone is bound to love.

DIY Christmas table decoration ideas

Let’s take a look at some great pieces of décor that you can use as your table centerpiece this holiday season. Here are some Christmas table decoration ideas to consider.

  • String lights – Christmas lights don’t just belong on the tree or on the outside of your house, but also the dinner table! Some battery-operated string lights will make the setting glow and provide an enchanting atmosphere. Just make sure to place them in areas where no-one will get their feet or arms tangled up in them.
  • Tealight candle houses – These ceramic candle houses look so cute and glow beautifully when a tealight is burning inside. Not only that, but the house prevents the flame from accidentally being touched, especially if there are young children around the table.
  • Fir tree branches – Take your Christmas table decoration to the next level by bringing in some real fir tree branches and setting them in a vase. The trees provide a lovely wintery scent in the home and look gorgeous too. You can also find a few pinecones and place them strategically around the table for an even more earthy decoration idea.
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  • Glass bowl of oranges – A great healthy snack for anyone who wants something to eat between courses, oranges placed in a glass bowl is also a really underrated DIY Christmas table decoration. Simple but effective, oranges are easy to get and will look great with fir tree branches as a table centerpiece as well.
  • Scrabble name tags – Want a really fun way to let guests know where they’re sitting? How about grabbing some letters and blocks from the Scrabble board game and spelling out the names? Guests can also have some entertainment by trying to create a word using letters from their own name!
  • Filling up the gaps – Think your Christmas table decoration is nearly complete but still feel like there are a few things missing? A red and green plaid table runner will look fantastic against a white table cloth, and you can also fill up some spots with festive items like Christmas ball ornaments and candy canes! Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas crackers to give guests some fun before the start of the meal.

The DIY fun doesn’t have to end there! Make sure you keep up the festive spirit with our DIY Christmas gift ideas and some other Christmas craft ideas for the whole family! Get new articles and exclusive promotions sent to your inbox by registering with Ask Team Clean today.