How to adjust a hot water skirting board heater

How to adjust a hot water skirting board heater

When the outside temperature drops, you want to make sure that your hot water skirting board heater is in good working order and you know how to adjust and regulate the temperature. Because it is mounted to the bottom edges of where the room meets the floor, use these tips to allow the water temperature and flow to keep the temperate steady and accurate in each room of the house.

All skirting board heaters are not the same

Did you know that hot water (hydronic) skirting boards function much differently than their counterpart, the electric (convection or “hot air”) skirting board? They may look similar and give you a similar outcome of staying warm and cosy… but how they each work will reveal how to adjust the hot water skirting board heater to your own preference and comfort.

No matter if you own or rent your home, make sure that there is a manual and you understand how to control skirting board heaters. Knowing how to regulate skirting board heat will also save you some frustration and keep your heating costs down. Get to know the ins and outs of how to adjust a hot water skirting board heater.

Hot water skirting board heater tips

  1. Customise your heat level: Let’s focus first on how to adjust hot water skirting board heaters. If the entire system is in good working order – you will find a “sweet spot” between the temperature of the actual skirting board floor location and the location of the wall thermostat. Likewise, if the skirting board unit has an onboard thermostat built in, you will be setting the temperature to the floor, however it may read hotter as it is near the actual heating coils. Keep curtains, furniture, and toys away from the unit so the air can regulate evenly. Bottom line— getting to know and experimenting with the temperature you want the entire room to be may take some time.
  2. Be patient: One feature of the hot water skirting board heater is that since it is heated by the circulation of water in pipes, it may take 20-30 minutes to heat up the room when you get up in the morning and want to be able to enjoy your first cup of coffee in relative comfort. Set it to where you want the temperature to be at about eye-height as you stand and leave it there.
  3. Heating zones: One other nuance to living in a home with a hot water skirting board heater is this: more than likely… the skirting boards are designed to heat only one room at a time, with different “heating zones” throughout the home. This gives you the advantage of heating only the rooms you will be using on any given day – imagine the cost savings! So, get to know your “heating plan” for the day and keep the temperature steady room by room.

Baby, it’s cold outside! We hope you enjoyed learning about how to adjust your hot water skirting board heater to keep warm and cosy. Don’t forget to check out our other tips for DIY home maintenance projects such as how to regulate a radiator that is cold at the bottom and hot at the top and how to clean a PC fan. Make sure you register with Ask Team Clean to get more advice and rewards sent to you!