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How to Grow Moss in Your Garden and Indoors

How to Grow Moss

Moss is the velvety, cushiony greenery that is often overlooked but can turn a barren surface into a luscious green carpet. With its hairlike structures, moss is a beautiful addition to stone gardens indoors or outdoors. These are tough plants that can adapt to even uninhabitable environments and survive in harsh conditions like winter temperatures. But how can you grow moss inside and outside? 

Why grow moss?

There are plenty of good reasons to start a moss garden. For one, moss is an evergreen. That means it’ll be nice and green all year round. Moss doesn’t have to be trimmed because it only grows to a certain height. What’s more, these plants grow well in shade so they’re perfect for dark garden spots or dimly lit corners in your home. It’s super easy to grow and keep moss, so you’ve got no excuse.

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How to grow moss indoors

Growing moss plants inside is a fun activity for the whole family, and can teach parents and children how to work together.

Here’s what you need:

  • A glass container with a lid (large jar)
  • Pebbles
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Starter moss from a garden centre

Start by cleaning your jar or glass container. Then fill about an inch of the jar with pebbles. Add about two inches of potting soil and wet the soil a little by spraying it with water.

Once you’ve created the base for your moss garden, you could add some sticks and stones for a more authentic garden look. Then place the sheet of starter moss on top, and press it firmly against the soil by pushing it down. Mist it using your spray bottle with clean water. Close the lid and put the jar away from direct sunlight.

You could even use moss collected from nearby wooded areas to plant in your indoor moss garden.

Keeping your moss growing indoors is simple. The most important thing is to keep it away from direct sunlight and to mist it regularly—at least a few times per week.

How to grow moss in your garden

Most soil types, apart from sand, will be suitable for growing moss outdoors. You can grow moss on stone planters or most other surfaces for a nice decorative flourish.

Start by preparing the area where you intend to grow the moss by picking up any loose debris or grass.

Then simply collect moss or get some starter moss from a garden centre. If you plan on getting your moss from an area nearby, you could look for similar surface and soil types as that will make transplanting even easier.

Wet the earth a little where you intend to transplant the moss. It should be moist but not soaked. Then firmly press the moss into the area. You can secure the moss in place by adding stakes to it. This is useful if you live in a very windy area.

Once you’ve transplanted the moss, make sure that you water the area daily using a spray bottle or a hose with a spray nozzle. It should take a few weeks for the moss to acclimate and, soon enough, you’ll be able to see it spreading.