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How to make paper stars for decoration

how to make paper stars

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Do you ever think that your kids use too many devices? Go back to basics and give them a fun and simple activity with paper! Hanging paper stars look great and brighten the home, especially at Christmas. Learn how to make these star decorations here.

Step-by-step tips for hanging paper star decorations

All you’ll need is square origami paper and scissors. Keep a few sheets of paper handy as it can take a few attempts to perfect the process. Once your kids learn how, there will be no stopping them from making dozens of paper stars!

  1. Begin by folding the square paper in half with the coloured side on the outside.
  2. Place the paper flat on the table with the folded side at the bottom facing you.
  3. Next, fold the bottom right-hand corner to the center of the paper.
  4. Unfold the paper and then fold the top-right hand corner down to the bottom middle of the square origami paper.
  5. Open the back out to display an X on one half of your paper.
  6. Grab the bottom left-hand corner and then fold it in to connect the middle of the X.
  7. With the same corner, fold it on itself to connect the new outer edge from step six.
  8. Fold the bottom right-hand edge up to connect the inner edge of the crease from step seven.
  9. Now, simply fold the shape backward in half.
  10. A crease will be on the left-hand side, so take some scissors and cut along the angle from under the bottom crease on the right-hand side all the way to the top of the left-hand crease. You should now have a tiny folded triangle shape. Open the back out to display the paper star. To make it a hanging paper Christmas star, just attach some string with glue or tape, then tape the other end of the string to the ceiling.

Get your home looking a lot like Christmas with paper stars. Each year, make it a tradition in your home to make these awesome little decorations.

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