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How do you plant pumpkins in your garden?

How to Plant a Pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. These hardy gourds make a great addition to your vegetable garden. From roast pumpkin to pumpkin soups – they’re versatile and delicious. But how do you grow them in your garden and what’s the right pumpkin planting time?

Should I buy seeds or collect seeds?

You can’t plant a pumpkin without seeds. You’ve got two options here: You can either remove seeds from a fresh pumpkin that you recently bought or you could purchase seeds from a garden store. When you’re using store-bought seeds, there are lots of varieties to choose from. You can check online or get advice from the garden center staff about which one matches your needs best. For example, if you plan on carving pumpkins, you want to choose a variety like a Jack-o’-lantern.

If you’re reusing the seeds from a pumpkin you’ve recently carved, make sure that you rinse the seeds and separate them. Then allow them to air dry. You can store them in a dark, cool space until you’re ready to put them into the ground.

It’s usually safer to plant store-bought seeds as the chances of them turning out the way you want are higher than storing your own seeds.

Pick the right spot when it’s pumpkin planting time

You should pick a spot with plenty of sunlight and soil that won’t remain too wet after it rains. Remember that pumpkins are large vegetables which means it’s best to choose a location where there’s enough room for them to grow. Space out the seeds according to the recommendations listed on the packaging. For larger pumpkin varieties, it’s usually 1.5 metres apart, whereas smaller plants can go at a 90cm distance. Depending on the variety you choose it can take around 100 days for the pumpkins to grow. The best pumpkin planting time is during Spring.

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How to water and grow pumpkins?

Pumpkins are thirsty plants, but overwatering can quickly kill them. It’s best to water them regularly, especially during the summer months. About once a week should suffice, but you can water more often if the weather is very hot and the soil is dry. It’s best to water less when it rains. When you plant a pumpkin, adding fertiliser to your garden bed can also help your pumpkins grow faster.

When to harvest the pumpkin?

Pumpkins take between 75 to 100 days to grow. You’ll know when the gourds are ready when they turn the desired color. They should be harvested before it gets too cold the cooler weather could damage the plant.

How to protect pumpkins from pests?

Common pests that love your pumpkins just as much as you do include beetles and borers. You can cover your crops with garden fabric when you plant them and them take off the cover once they start to flower. Some pumpkin varieties are more prone to mildew than others. It’s best to check for hardier varieties if that is a concern.

How to harvest a pumpkin?

When it’s time to harvest and store your pumpkins, wear gloves because the vines are prickly. Use shears to cut them at the stem. Take the time to sign up with Ask Team Clean and you’ll get great advice and promotions sent to you.