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Get cosy: turn everything into a couch

Get cosy: turn everything into a couch

Winter is taking hold, and we are spending more time indoors than ever. It’s the perfect time to unleash our inner-child! Remember making pillow fortresses and dens made out of bedsheets? Using that playful spirit, we’ve found a way to turn even the most unlikely place into a cozy, comfy couch. Being a couch potato was never so fun — or creative! 

Deluxe DIY Daybed

Has the living room lost its luster, or do you simply want a place to relax in peace away from the kids? We’ve got just the thing. Turn your bed — or the bed in the guest room — into a deep-seated daybed.

Push the long side of your bed against a wall. If you have twin beds, create an ‘L’ shape in the corner of the room. Place a comforter on top of the mattress, tucking in the corners. Use large pillows against the wall as a backrest and scatter smaller cushions for extra comfort and style points! 

Netflix Nest

This is our grown-up take on the classic pillow fortress. Gather all the cushions in your home and create a cozy nest in the best TV-watching position. Throw on some blankets or faux fur for added luxury. Pop some corn and nestle down to watch a series… just make sure to visit the bathroom first, because once you get comfortable, you won’t want to leave. Trust us.

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Bathtub Couch

Sometimes the bathroom is the only place to get some solitude, so you might as well make it comfy! Line the tub with a towel. Create your sunken sanctuary with some pillows and throws. Make sure there’s one for your head. Then light some candles, listen to a podcast, and savour some time alone.

Car Seat Chaise Lounge

Nothing like the good ol’ days! Recreate an old-school drive-in at home. Move and tilt the front seats of your car forward to give the backbench more room. Gather some cushions and blankets and create a romantic loveseat across the back seat. Set up the projector, and you’re good to go!

Relaxing on your DIY couch — or actual couch — with drinks and snacks is a match made in heaven. It’s also the perfect storm for spillages. Whether it’s coffee, wine, or chocolate, find out how to remove any stain from your sofa on our cleaning page. Ask Team Clean’s got your back!