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Remove cactus spines- here’s how

Remove cactus spines- here’s how

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Whether you’ve had a prickly encounter with your houseplant that’s left your skin, clothes, or furniture looking the worse for wear, we’ve got some tips for you to remove small cactus spines. As pretty as cacti might be, they’re a real hassle when their spines get everywhere. Although it is a bit of a fiddly job, it is entirely possible to remove cactus spines easily.

Important note! If you’ve got cactus spines in a sensitive area, such as your eyes, mouth, or other mucous membranes, please seek medical attention immediately!

Remove cactus spines from clothes

If you brushed against a cactus whilst watering it, for example, you may have picked up a few spines on your clothing. Here are a few methods for removing cactus spines from clothes:

  • Duct tape. Strong adhesive tape may not be suitable for removing cactus spines from skin, but it works a treat on clothing. Simply press the duct tape on your clothes, gently so that the spines don’t get stuck through the clothes into your skin, and then pull off.
  • Tweezers. Remove larger cactus spines with tweezers, pulling them out in a straight upward motion. 
  • Comb them out. Large spines can be removed using a fine-toothed comb to grip them at their base, and then pull them up and away.

Remove cactus spines from furniture and textiles

Finally, if you’ve used a tea cloth to assist you in repotting a cactus, and some of the spines have gotten stuck, you might want to remove cactus spines from the textile – or maybe they’ve found their way onto furniture. Here are some tips to help:

  • You can follow the tips above for textiles. Duct tape, tweezers, and combs will help lift cactus spines from textiles and furniture. 
  • Wash fabric covers. Once you’ve removed visible spines from your furniture or textiles, it is important to wash them. Although you will probably remove most through duct tape or tweezers, it is better to be on the safe side and wash your textiles and furniture covers after removing the cactus spines.

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