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Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest – The Best Products for a Hygienic Home

Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest – The Best Products for a Hygienic Home

Health and safety measures are impacting all of our lives, at work and at home. Topics like your family's health, hygiene, and safety are probably on your mind more than usual. It can be challenging to find reliable information but Ask Team Clean is here to help you out. We'll show you best practices of getting your home thoroughly cleaned, so you can enjoy that peace of mind.

When hygienically cleaning your home, we recommend focusing on cleaning all the surfaces in your house. Surfaces that you touch multiple times a day, like your dining room table, door handles or kitchen counter, should be cleaned at least once a day. A good, deep clean starts with the right products. We've put together a list of products that will do the best job in getting your home completely clean.

Bref Power Bakterien & Schimmel

This product is a multifaceted superstar that can handle most jobs. The powerful formula can clean your white cotton fabrics, get smudges off your plastic furniture, tackle bad odours in your sink and clear up mould. You can even use it as a tile cleaner and grout to clean your shower curtain. This power tool will get rid of 99.9% of all kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Bref Power Outdoor Reiniger

Need something more powerful for your little outdoor paradise at home? This cleaner will help you scour most surfaces on your balcony, patio or garden. It also adds a protective layer that makes it harder for new dirt to cake on. Pro tip: use this product on dirty plastic window frames. Spray some on a wet sponge then wipe down the frames. Wipe again with water to clear away remaining dirt. 

Biff Hygiene Total

If you want to eliminate all the bacteria and viruses in your bathroom, you can count on Biff Hygiene Total. In addition to getting rid of most bacteria, it also eliminates lime, soap residue and those mysterious kinds of dirt you don’t even know what to call. The surfaces in your bathroom will shine like the spring sun.

Sidolin 3in1 Glasreiniger - Citrus

Windows aren’t just for bringing light into your home, they're literally your window to the world. At a time when contact with the outside world is limited, it can be liberating to give your glass windows a good rub down. This product makes it easy, while still protecting your windows. Just spray and wipe with a dry cloth. Spray and wipe. Added bonus: the added lemon in the product adds an extra layer of hygiene.

Combat Baits and Gels.

The TV ads would have you believe that the best way to get rid of cockroaches is to chase them down like you’re the Lone Ranger picking them off one by one until there’s no more left alive. In reality, most sprays only work on the individual cockroach. Hint: There are thousands of them back at the ranch (nest) just waiting to take their fallen comrades place in the front line. 

That’s why Combat Baits and Gels are the best. They work in two ways; they take out the first roach that eats it (but here’s the important bit) they die back in the nest infecting their comrades in arms. It’s the secondary kill that gets you the control and your house back. 

It’s really easy to use too, just place a little bit of gel or bait where you see the cockroaches enter your rooms and then just watch and wait. If they are still around after a few days, repeat until they’re gone forever. 

With these and other products you can wipe all your worries away. Well, at least the ones about keeping your home clean. Ask Team Clean wishes you blissful cleaning!