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A Clean Home is a Happy Home

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Keeping your house thoroughly clean looks good and has a positive effect on your family and friends' health. Hygiene at home gets rid of dirt and potential pathogens. Keeping it like that on a regular basis will also help keep the creepy-crawlies away too. But where should you start? Which part of your home needs more attention and how do you know if you’re doing it right? Ask Team Clean has put together the best hygiene tips for you and your home.

Going Out - One Task Per Hand

We’ve all learnt to be a lot more health conscious while we’re out of the home recently but we’re all still learning, how can you touch things like produce in the supermarket and surfaces without having to worry about touching your face or phone? Here’s a simple trick: Assign a task to each hand. Use one hand for packing produce, public touch screens, shopping bags, etc. And use the other for your face, keys, phone and wallet. This might take some getting used to, but if you make it into a fun game to practice with your family, you will be a pro in no time.

Get Your Neighbours Involved

Do you share a hallway with your neighbours and are you unsure about how to keep the shared space clean? A friendly note and some hand sanitiser at the front door might do the trick. Offering some help and open dialogue can work wonders.

Wash Your Hands

This is the most important point of all: clean hands prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Which 20 second song do you sing when you wash your hands?

Clean Most Commonly Used Surfaces

There are some surfaces in the house that endure heavy use, which means they're intimately familiar with the palm of your hand. So make sure to keep them clean! That includes door handles, light switches, tabletops, kitchen counters and faucets. It's a good idea to clean these surfaces once or twice a day. Professional hygiene fans also wipe down heavily used items like their keys and cell phone on a daily basis.

Use a cockroach bait or gel

The TV ads would have you believe that the best way to get the crawlies is to chase them down like you’re the Lone Ranger picking them off one by one until there’s no more insects left alive. In reality, most sprays only work on the individual cockroach. Hint: There are thousands of them back at the ranch (nest) just waiting to take their fallen comrades place in the front line.

That’s why baits are the best. They work in two ways, they take out the first roach that eats it (but here’s the important bit) they die back in the nest infecting their comrades in arms. It’s the secondary kill that gets you the control and your house back. 

We recommend Combat roach baits and gels. They’re really easy to use and they get to the cause of the problem fast. Then you can enjoy your sparklingly clean and fresh house without any unwanted visitors!

Keep it Fresh

Last but not least, we recommend that you wash your towels and blankets a little more than you might be used to, but at least twice a week. Washable rugs and the pillowcases on your couch and chairs might need a little more attention, as well. Wash those once a week to make sure the fabric is thoroughly clean. To get some more fresh air in the house, you can briefly open all the windows a few times a day.


Following these tips can help ease your mind as you adjust to these new circumstances. Including these tips into your daily routine will help you keep your home thoroughly clean so you can focus on the important things in life: a happy, healthy home.