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Remove Pet Hair Easily – The Best Tips and Tricks

how to remove pet hair easily

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When you have a cat or a dog, everything in your home seems to become a magnet for animal hair. Hair is suddenly found everywhere: on the carpets, the furniture, on your clothes and in the washing machine. We’ll show you how to remove pet hair quickly and how you can remove pet hair in the washing machine, from your clothes and the rest of your home. 

Remove pet hair from laundry: the washing machine to the rescue

Removing clingy pet hair from clothing is usually not a problem with a special washing machine. Some washing machine manufacturers have recognised the problem and equipped their devices with special washing programs that can effectively remove animal hair. However, even a normal washing machine will do the trick. Just select a program for washing delicates and choose a good liquid detergent. Make sure that you don’t put more clothes in the machine than it can handle, clean the lint trap after each wash, and leave the door open for the machine to dry. Regular cleaning of the washing machine is also important so that it continues to perform well. And be sure to keep young children away from the open washing machine.

Remove pet hair using a dryer

The washing machine isn’t the only option to remove pet hair. A tumble dryer is another great way to get rid of pet hair from clothing, sheets, towels and pet blankets. A dryer will simply suck the hair out of your laundry. To get started, set your dryer to the coolest temperature setting and add the hairy laundry items to the machine before washing them. Make sure to clean the tumble dryer and empty the lint trap after each cycle.

Remove pet hair from the washing machine

After cleaning it from our clothes, the hair from our four-legged friends can easily get stuck in the washing machine. To remove hair from the washing machine, leave the door open until the drum is dry. Then, vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a microfibre cloth to wipe the inside of the machine. Follow the same steps to remove hair from your tumble dryer.

You can also toss a tennis ball, nylon tights or an adhesive curler into the washer and run it. These items automatically attract hair when washed. Anti-lint balls or washing balls that you put in the laundry are the most effective.

Six tips to quickly banish pet hair

Avoiding pet hair on your clothes is the best way to ensure your laundry remains free from it. Here are our five top tips on how to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture.

Tip 1: Brush your pets often

Regularly brushing your dogs and cats can help prevent shedding. This will mean less hair floating around your home and on furniture.

Tip 2: Pet hairbrush for gentle cleaning

To remove pet hair from sofas, carpets, car upholstery and clothing, get a pet brush with a rubber attachment, microfiber or velour covering.

Using a rubber attachment, you can sweep the hair into a ball and easily dispose of it. Brushes with microfiber or velour coverings are also effective in picking up animal hair. Some brushes are even self-cleaning; they just have to be put into a special housing that pulls the hair off the brush.

Tip 3: Use the lint roller

Lint rollers are a great option to pick up stray hairs and are available in a variety of sizes. Pressure-sensitive adhesive rollers that grab the hair are easy to find. You could also use rollers with micro-bristles, lint rollers, roller brushes and brush gloves to remove loose hairs from your dog or cat.

Tip 4: Effectively remove pet hair with an animal vacuum cleaner

Every pet owner should have a special pet hair vacuum cleaner, a vacuum robot or a turbo attachment for your standard vacuum cleaner—especially when it comes to cleaning large areas with carpeted floors. You can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner for your furniture and clothes. Conventional vacuum cleaners can be useful to remove animal hair, but they’re not thorough enough without a special attachment.

Tip 5: Damp rubber gloves to pick up animal hair

You can also remove pet hair with a moistened rubber glove. Simply move your hands in a circular motion across the carpet or furniture. Afterward, pull the resulting hairball off your gloves.

Tip 6: Three household hacks: balloons, nylon stockings, adhesive strips

Three unusual, but useful, household hacks against pet hair are: balloons, nylon stockings and tape. Balloons and nylon stockings can become statically charged and attract animal hair magnetically when you rub them across the relevant area. Adhesive strips are useful when you don't have a lint roller on hand. Just tear off a strip of tape and dab it on your clothes and furniture.

Found this helpful? Great! Got any other tips? Post a helpful comment below for others who may be struggling with removing pet hair!

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