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How to wash polyester – get stains out easily

How to wash polyester – get stains out easily

Polyester is easy to care for, but it does require some TLC just like the best of us. It is a popular fabric because it is lightweight and doesn’t stain easily. That doesn’t mean it never does though – as you may be unfortunately all too aware of! With these tips you can wash polyester properly –  here’s how to wash 100% polyester and prevent any shrinkage.

Why does polyester shrink?

Many people get worried that polyester will shrink when washed, and that favourite blouse will be lost forever. But don't worry, if you follow these tips, you can wear polyester all year round and wash it easily.

Washing polyester – the temperature matters!

If you want to wash polyester in the washing machine, then it is a good idea to know which settings are better than others. Temperatures that are too hot may destroy the fibres of the clothing. A hot wash might damage the fabric, so a medium wash will be just right.

What about cotton blends?

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that can also be found in blended fabrics. Together with cotton, this creates a very high-quality material. If you want to wash cotton-polyester blended fabrics, then a hot wash is OK. 

Wash polyester in the washing machine

Unfortunately, no material is entirely stain-repellent, not even polyester. True, the material hardly absorbs any moisture and dries quickly, and this makes it difficult for stains to set. But they still find their way into the fabric annoyingly. We’ll show you how you can get rid of them again.

  1. Choose a detergent and a stain remover that are suitable for the colour and the fabric. A look at the care label will help you with this. We recommend Dynamo Professional 7 in 1.
  2. If present, remove any leftover debris from the clothing. Use the blunt side of a knife or a spoon to do this.
  3. Dab liquid stains with a dry cloth.
  4. Rinse the stain with water.
  5. Pre-treat the stain. If the stain is already dried, let the garment soak for a while in warm water with some washing powder.
  6. If the stain is quite stubborn look to use Sard Wonder, a little spray 60 seconds before it goes into the wash can perform wonders. 
  7. Check if the stain is still visible. If it is, don't be discouraged - just repeat the process.

We hope this has helped you feel more confident when washing polyester. If you’re curious for more laundry tips, we’ve got plenty of articles for you! From how to wash sneakers, to how to wash jeans, to how to get rid of those annoying deodorant stains. We’re kinda laundry nerds – and are always happy to help!