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Cleaning chores for Kids – Laundry Games

Cleaning chores for Kids – Laundry Games

In your busy schedule, laundry is probably just one more item on your to do list. But who said that doing the laundry had to be a boring household task? Did you know that it could be a fun way to help your toddler or preschooler to develop skills? Sorting and folding the washing can aid motor-skill development and colour recognition. Talking about each item as you hang them to dry, can additionally help with their language skills.

With these simple games you can make laundry chores for kids fun and pass the time while they even learn a thing or two.

The Sock Match Challenge

If you dread matching socks every week, turn it into a game for your kindy or young school-age child and have some fun with it. Load all the clean socks into one large laundry basket and let the games begin! While it might feel like it's just a game, your child will be developing important cognitive skills. Matching skills are a precursor to the math and science skills they'll develop later. 

Take turns pulling two socks out of the basket at a time. Every time match a pair, you get a point. Keep playing until you've matched all the socks in the basket. Or until all that's left in the basket are those stray socks that seem to have lost their mates. Have other siblings join in and set a timer; the child to make the most matches wins the game.

Laundry Race

Your school-age kids, especially when they’re competitive, will love this game. Start with a basket of clean laundry and have your child race to get all their clothes put away. You can make the game more of a challenge by setting a timer for your child to beat. If you have several kids, who need to put their laundry away, let them work together to beat the clock. You can also have your kids compete against each other. Or turn it into a family challenge of Mum & Dad versus the kids, to see who can get it done first. Mum and Dad might have more experience, but will the youngsters' youth and vigour win the race? Who will be the ultimate laundry champion?

Laundry Toss

Some of your kid’s bedroom floors might look more like a sea of clothing than a carpet. Laundry Toss can help you find the floor again without making the chore a drag. Start by lining up three laundry hampers; one for colours, one for darks, and one for whites. Have your child pick up one item at a time. Then move to a designated line in the room and throw the item into the correct basket. Adjust the position of the line according to the age of your child: The older the further away. Every good shot equals a point. Keep score of each laundry day so your child can see if they’re improving their aim. 

Pro-tip: When all the family's laundry has been washed and dried, you can play the game again to sort the clothing into baskets for each person. This game might not make your little ones love laundry, but it will at least make it fun.

A good game helps pass the time and brings the family together. Ask Team Clean wishes you fun filled laundry days. And may the odds be ever in your favour.