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The types of laundry detergent

The types of laundry detergent

Cotton, silk, linen – each of these gorgeous fabrics need their own type of laundry detergent. In this article we will look at which detergent is suitable for what to help keep your textiles feeling soft and looking vibrant for longer. Wondering whether cotton, silk, and linen are best suited for summer or winter? Take a look at our dedicated articles on summer and winter fabrics.

Which laundry detergent for different materials

Sort your laundry before washing – this is the first step of a good laundry routine. You probably know to sort your clothes by what colour they are, but ideally, you’d sort your clothes by fabric, too. A quick look at the care label will tell you what the garment is made of. Silk is best washed separately from cotton, as the two textiles need very different treatments in the washing machine. The laundry detergents needed for cotton and silk are also different – cotton can handle powerful detergents such as Dynamo Professional Dual Caps, while silk needs a gentler detergent.

Once you’ve sorted each pile by material, sort each pile of laundry again, but by colour this time. Red socks in white laundry are a cliché, but unless you really want pink, marshmallowy clothes, you’d be well advised to sort your clothes as best you can!

Laundry detergents for white laundry

You can wash light-coloured linen, cotton, viscose, or jersey with a universal detergent for white laundry. It is specially developed to get light-coloured fabrics clean again and keep them shining even after washing many times. The above fabrics are robust enough for a universal detergent, but for colourful laundry things are different again. Let’s take a look. 

Choosing laundry detergent for colourful laundry

Colourful textiles such as jeans, T-shirts, and jumpers are best washed with a colour detergent. Unlike detergents for white laundry, it ensures that the colours remain intensely bright for as long as possible. Any detergent with bleach will cause colours to bleed or fade, so a specially formulated detergent like Dynamo Professional 7 in 1 is ideal because it is tough on stains, but safe for colourful laundry. 

Silk and wool – which detergent is suitable for delicates?

Silk and wool are a bit more high maintenance when it comes to their care. If you want to keep garments made of these materials for a long time, it is good to use a mild detergent for wool and delicates, which is specially developed for these natural fibres.

Which detergent is suitable for sensitive skin?

Is your skin sensitive? Then you can use detergents that have been developed precisely for this purpose. Here, too, there are products for different textiles and colours, but the main thing is that you ensure it is formulated for sensitive skin, such as Dynamo Professional Free & Clear or Cold Power Sensitive Dual Caps.

Before you pick the detergent – pick a good washing machine

The question of which detergent is suitable for what laundry is also dependent if you have a washing machine with an appropriate washing program for each fabric type. When you buy a new washing machine, make sure it has wash programs for the fabrics you wear often. For example, if you have a lot of silk tops, a delicate wash program is great so you know you can wear your favourite tops without having to worry about washing them later.

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