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Turning Chores for Kids into Fun

Turning Chores for Kids into Fun

When you’re at home with your kids all day it can be truly challenging to get your daily chores done. Ask Team Clean will show you how to get creative and make everyday household tasks fun for the whole family. Let’s take a look at some basic household chores and how to turn them into fun for kids!

Turning chores for kids into fun requires some creativity and patience. Establishing some basic rules can set the tone and motivate kids to accomplish big tasks that help the whole family. It also helps you teach them basic life skills while sharing some responsibilities, and let’s not forget, making it all a little more fun for you, too. But where to start? Ask Team Clean has put together some tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your cleaning routine.

Ways to make chores for kids fun

Introduce the Chores Chart for kids: The Chores Chart for kids is an essential tool when it comes to getting the whole family to help with chores. Hang up a blackboard or a big piece of paper where you list weekly chores for each member of your household. Don’t forget to add the adults in, too! Whenever you complete a chore, you can cross it off or put a sticker next to it. There are plenty of different ways to get crafty in making it exciting and fun to cross off completed tasks. Don’t forget to switch up the chart and redistribute tasks every once in a while. This prevents boredom and routine.

Make it a Competition: This works especially well if you have more than one child. Make it a big deal, turn on your best Wide World of Sports commentary voice, give them fun nicknames, and do a whole run down of what they have to do. “The crowd goes wiiiiiiiild!”

Use Kid-Sized Cleaning Tools: Tiny cleaning baskets with tiny utensils can do wonders for making your kids feel involved. Cut that sponge in half and fill a tiny bucket with soapy water. Looks cute and works like a charm.

Time Them: Young kids with a short attention span can be motivated to stay on task by timing them. Make a strategy together and divide up who picks up which kind of toys. Ready, set, go! After you've finished, write the time on a blackboard or piece of paper that you can hang up. That way you can keep score and try to beat your best time when it’s time to clean up again.

Make a Sport of It: One of our favourite cleaning sports is laundry basket basketball. Place your laundry basket in one place in the bedroom and toss the scattered laundry into the basket from wherever you found it. More experienced players can enhance the fun by going behind the back, through the legs and doing spins to make it to the basket. 

Rock out: Putting on music can make a huge difference in everyone’s mood. Turn on some motivational music and crank up the volume. Dance around, use the mop as a microphone, and invite your kids to join as background singers. Or vacuum with style to the music and let them take turns copying your moves.

Each of these tips should help you turn household chores for kids into a fun, joint effort that includes the whole family. Over time, your kids might even start to initiate games on their own and get engaged in their housework. Ask Team Clean wishes you many awesome, joyful cleaning experiences.