Can you freeze pumpkins?

Can you freeze pumpkins?

Pumpkins are at the height of their popularity in Fall, but they make a great ingredient throughout winter and early spring, too. If your motto for spooky season is “go big or gourd home” (sorry, we couldn’t resist), you’ve probably stocked up on lots of the colorful vegetable. After Halloween, you might want to store extra for later on in the season. The good news is that you can freeze pumpkin in lots of different forms – you can freeze pumpkin purée, as well as raw pumpkin easily. We’ve got some tips for how to best store these root veggies in the freezer.

What kind of pumpkin is freezable?

Gourd fans are in luck- pumpkins can be easily frozen in their raw, puréed, or cooked state. They can be stored safely for up to three months, at which point you should make sure you use it up. Stocking up on this root vegetable is perfect for the colder seasons and you’ll be glad you’ve got some saved when you’re in a cooking rut – we’ve got some cooking ideas for frozen pumpkin below.


Got more veg that’s in need of storing, but you’re not sure how best to do it? Take a look at our guides on freezing celery, asparagus, and cucumber. Not a veggie hoarder? Maybe carbs are your thing, in which case knowing about freezing bread or rice could be useful.

Get ahead of the carve

Halloween might inspire you to decorate your home with dozens of colorful pumpkins, but by the second week of November, you might want a break from the orange squash. Before you get pumpkin-fatigue, you can store some in your freezer for when you’re up for more.


As we’ve said, you can freeze raw pumpkin, or pumpkin purée. Cooked pumpkin is also fine to freeze. However, before you go chucking a whole pumpkin into your freezer, consider that defrosting the whole thing will take ages. As in, forever. If you cut up your pumpkin into cubes before freezing it, you’ll have it prepped and ready to go straight out of the freezer when you need it. Freezer bags are good for this, but you can also re-purpose an old ice-cream tub to store your frozen pumpkin. Yes, we’re obsessed with all things nifty – any excuse to upcycle or get creative (we’ve got some tips for diy gifts here, too!)


For freezing pumpkin purée, you can use ice cube trays to get the same small cubes without making a mess. Alternatively, silicone muffin cases are great for portioning pumpkin purée, too.

How do I use frozen pumpkin?

It depends how much of a pumpkin fan you are – we love it in pretty much everything. Frozen pumpkin can be cooked into stews and curries, or used in soups. Sweet pumpkin dishes are a great choice, too – pumpkin cookies or subbing pumpkin for carrot in cake is a creative twist on an old classic! Freezing pumpkin purée is perfect if you want to make a pie, or baby food in the future.


Frozen food gets a bit of a bad rep for losing some of its flavor, and whilst this can happen, you can prevent too much flavor leakage by blanching your pumpkin before you freeze it. It doesn’t take too long, but if you’re not too worried about loss of flavor, you can skip this step, too.


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