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Cleaning with Kids - Fun with Socks

Cleaning with Kids - Fun with Socks

When you’re at home with the kids, it can be challenging to get your daily chores done. Ask Team Clean will show you how to get creative and make everyday household tasks fun. Let’s take a look at all the fun things we can do with socks!

If there is one thing you probably have plenty of, it’s socks. Single socks, mismatched socks, tiny socks, big socks: the variety is vast and if you're like us, you have multiple colours and fabrics to play with here. Below, we collected a couple of fun games you can play with socks that will help you get your chores done.

Go Fish with Socks

Done the laundry and need to sort and fold socks? Let’s make it fun!

  1. Throw all the dried socks in a bucket or bag and ‘shuffle’ them.
  2. Every player pulls out three socks. Make sure that the other players don’t see what you pulled out. Hot tip: A little pillow fort might do the trick as visual barrier.
  3. The first player picks a sock and shows it to a player of their choice, asking if the other has its pair.
  4. If they do, they hand over the sock and player one has their first pair. If they don’t, player one has to ‘go fish’ and pull out another sock from the bag.
  5. You take turns asking each other and folding the matched up pairs until one of you runs out of socks to ask for.
  6. Whoever has the most folded socks is the winner.

Sock it to Dust

No need to throw out orphaned or stretched out socks just yet. Give them a second life as hands-on dust cloth! Spray them with water, polish or other mild cleaning products and have your kids wear them like gloves. And off they go! Your smallest children can be sent to clean skirting boards, low cabinets and low shelves, potentially saving you and other tall family members the painful bending. When one side gets too dusty, just flip the sock and continue using the other side. 

Sock Dance

Alternatively, you can put old socks on your children’s feet to help clean the floor. With music this is even more fun because you can turn it into a fun variation on Stop Dance. The rules are easy: while the music is playing, shuffle around the floor covering as much surface as you can. When the music stops, you stop moving. When the music starts again, you keep shuffling. Nothing left to do for you, dear parent, but play some tunes, sit back, relax and watch your kids clean the floor for you.

Whether you need help sorting clean socks or dusting forgotten corners of your home, with these playful games, you can get your offspring involved in your daily household tasks with no complaints.