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Garage storage ideas: All you need to know to organise your workspace

Garage storage ideas: All you need to know to organise your workspace

Life is busy. We understand that with a full schedule, tidying up and trying to create the best garage storage system isn’t always on the top of your priority list. That’s why we’re here to help and make things simpler with some easy ideas and inspiration for your garage!

Floor space is king

Garages are great! Especially because they provide a private parking spot for your car. However, as you know, cars are, well, big. Suddenly most of that extra floor space is gone. Luckily, there’s a really easy, and pretty inexpensive, way to claw some of this back. One of the best garage storage ideas to start with is hoists. These provide a clever solution to your lack of floor space, with straightforward lifting and lowering mechanisms that allow you to store and retrieve your items easily. There are various manufacturers out there, but the majority of hoists can be installed in just a few minutes and don’t require any specialist DIY skills, making them one of the simpler garage organisation ideas. Hoists are perfect for bicycles and surfboards, but feel free to use them for other items such as ladders, wheelbarrows or even kayaks.

Pegboards make the most of your wall space

Many garage organisation ideas revolve around adding storage cabinets and containers. These are great, but they do take up a lot of valuable space. A simple way to avoid the need for a big storage cabinet for your tools is by fitting a handy pegboard. Pegboards are really versatile – perfect for neatly storing a whole range of garage-related items. Plus, they just look cool too! Sleek, inexpensive, out of the way and yet still easily accessible. Ideal for quickly creating some more space. Having items hanging on a pegboard will also free up space in other cabinets and drawers. 

Garage tool organisation: Keep tools out of the way

If you’re more of a shelf person – don’t worry. We totally understand your passion for them. Shelves are great for providing flexible and safe storage space. However, if you’re looking for some new garage storage ideas then it’s certainly worth considering tools racks, especially for larger garden tools. No one wants to be accidentally recreating the infamous comedy sketch of someone stepping on a rake! On a more serious note though, wayward garden tools do pose a dangerous tripping hazard. Tool racks are ideal because they sit vertically on the wall, taking up very little space in the garage. You can also find smaller versions that are ideal for household tools like screwdrivers or hammers.

Garage shelving ideas: Pack up and organise

If you already have some shelves put up in your garage, then these can be organised further to give you even more space. Sometimes no matter how organised you are, there’s just nowhere to put certain things. For those wondering how to organise a garage on a tight budget, one of the best garage storage systems that you can make use of is storing things in large and small plastic bins. These are great for hiding away those annoying things that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else or for putting things in during a garage clean out. They’re also really useful for keeping seasonal equipment or clothing in. Keep boxes holding similar items together, or, to be even more organised, arrange them seasonally. Boxes with everyday items could go on the lower shelves, while seasonal boxes can sit higher up, out of the way. Throw some labels on there and you’ve got a really efficient garage setup! Storage boxes are great. They’re cheap, they look good and there’s no fancy DIY skills needed. Definitely one of the best garage storage ideas out there!