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How to Heat Your Bathroom

how to best heat your bathroom

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As the season changes to winter, the nights seem longer, temperatures outside plummet, and the hard ceramic or stone tiles in your bathroom feel colder than usual. That first trip to the bathroom in the morning can be particularly unpleasant. We’ve collected the best tips and tricks to help you keep your bathroom warm this winter. No more shivering! 

1. Add rugs

One economical and time-saving option to make your bathroom feel a bit warmer is to add lots of rugs to it. Your bare feet will no longer touch the cold tiles and it’s a great alternative when you don’t have the funds to replace existing floors. Rugs will also make the room look warmer. Make sure they are washable rugs to make your life a little easier. We also suggest no-slip rugs to help avoid any unexpected falls.

2. Bathroom heating with a towel radiator

If your bathroom is small, it may not have a heating vent or radiator. That’s where a towel radiator can be a great alternative. This will keep your towels nice and toasty so that when you step out of the shower, you can wrap yourself instantly in the cozy warmth of a pre-heated towel. Plus, it’ll warm up the room at the same time.

3. Get heated towel rods

Heated towel rods are available for as little as $100 and can be plugged into an electrical outlet. They’re a good alternative to towel radiators and much easier to set up. Be sure to keep any hot items out of reach of kids and pets.

4. Pre-heat the bathroom with a portable heater

To avoid the chill of cold tiles under your bare feet, you could pre-heat your bathroom with a small portable electric space heater. They’re super affordable and available from most home goods stores. Simply plug it in and switch it on 30 minutes before your morning shower.  Please note that portable heaters can cause burn or present fire risks and should not be left unattended. Units with tip over safety switches are a good option to purchase.

5. Let the steam heat up the room

Speaking of showers, in small bathrooms the steam created by a shower will quickly warm up the room. You may need to wipe the steam from the mirror afterward to continue using the room, but it’ll nice and toasty while you’re getting dressed. Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan or crack open the windows when you leave to avoid mould.

6. Add plants

Plants aren’t just a good-looking addition to bathrooms, they increase the humidity in the air, which can make the bathroom feel a little warmer.

7. Seal the windows

Drafts are one of the main reasons why you can quickly lose heat in the bathroom. Make sure you address any gaps or holes around window frames using sealant.

8. Get a larger shower head

A larger shower head can help make you feel warmer for longer when you’re taking a shower. That’s because more of your body will be fully immersed in the hot water.

9. Turn the exhaust fan off

While you’re taking a shower, keep the exhaust fan off as this will suck out the heated air from the shower, leaving you to shiver again faster.

10. Install heated floors

It’s not the cheapest option, but heat on the bathroom floors is a real treat during winter. It’s your best option to avoid the nasty shock of cold tiles on bare feet. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel anytime soon, it could be a good opportunity to consider radiant floor heating.