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How to Repot a Flower Plant

How to Repot a Flower Plant

We all love flower season! Get ready to visit your local garden centre to purchase your potted flowers. Here are some tips on how to repot a flower to be sure they get a good start in your own fresh containers and pots… or if you are repotting perennials from last year’s garden.

Supplies to have ready

  • New pot – be sure it has a drainage hole
  • A trowel (sometimes called a hand shovel)
  • A hand rake
  • Gardening gloves
  • Gardening scissors or sharp knife
  • Watering can
  • Porous material for covering the drainage holes
  • Potting mix – the good kind that keeps the moisture in
  • Gravel to add to the top of the soil
  • And don’t forget the flowers!

Step 1 – Getting ready

  • Decide on which flower or flowers go in which pot. You will be transplanting your new flowers from the small plastic containers they came in from the store so get your creative juices flowing on how you wish to have your potted flowers arranged in the sunroom, house, or yard.
  • Be sure to give your new flowers some “growing room” in terms of pot size.
  • Line the bottom of the new pot with a coffee liner or landscape fabric to cover the hole in the bottom. Add a few small stones or gravel to cover the liner/fabric.
  • Extra Tip! If you are using a terra cotta pot, soak in water ahead of time so it will not dry out the plant with its porous clay material.

Step 2 – Add the soil and prepare to repot a flower plant

  • Fill the clean pot with moisture retention potting soil about 2/3 from the top.
  • Water the flowers in the current pots or cubes that they are in when you purchased them or over-wintered them.    
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Step 3 – Place the flowers in the new pot

  • Turn the flower plant upside down and gently remove them from the container that they are in, loosening the sides with a sharp knife if you need to.
  • Loosen the root ball so you can spread out the roots as you put it into the new pot.
  • Prune the root ball a bit if it seems like they have been excessively crowded and untangle them.
  • Place the flowers in the new pot and add a bit more potting soil as needed. Tamp the new soil down a bit to make sure the flowers are standing straight and have enough support.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

  • The best finishing touch on how to repot a flower is to immediately water it thoroughly.
  • Add a small bit of gravel around the edges of the pot – this will help keep the soil moist throughout the summer.
  • Keep the flowers away from full sunlight for a week or two while the flowers get used to the new soil, weather patterns and their new home.
  • Hold off fertilising for about a month so they are acclimated to their new surroundings.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to repot a flower plant for your indoor or outdoor container flowers. Don’t forget to check out our other organizing and cleaning tips such as how to winterise your garden, how to repot a yucca plant, and clay pot cleaning.

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