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How to make a cinema at home

How to make a cinema at home

Craving the big screen, the crunch of over-priced popcorn, and the thrill of being blasted with surround sound? Make the most of being at home by creating the movie theatre experience at home. It’s amazing what you can create with a projector, some cozy pillows, and popcorn, of course!

Make a home movie theatre in 5 steps

Step 1: Pick the place

            Scout your home (and shed) for the best place to build your cinema. A likely spot is the lounge, but maybe you have a spare room or reading nook just begging to be turned into a home cinema! Ideally, you want somewhere that made dark to mimic that movie theatre feel. 

Step 2: Soundproof

Soundproofing your home movie theatre will help keep external noise out and make the sound from your speakers richer. Making the overall movie-watching experience better. You can soundproof your space by adding soft furnishings like a thick-pile rug. You could also add professional soundproofing to the walls — known as acoustic panels – or simply hang a decorative quilt that doubles as soundproofing and art!

Step 3: Install the projector

Select a screen and projector for your taste and budget. From tacking up a sheet and a second-hand projector to a state-of-the-art set up, anything is possible! For a movie-quality image, make sure the projector resolution is 1920x1080 with an adjustable lens.  

Tip: Love to watch movies in the dark? Consider painting the walls a darker hue to really create that cinema vibe. 

Step 4: Set up speakers

Set up your speakers for the best surround sound effect so that when you watch that latest action movie, you almost feel the vibration from the explosion! Placing the speakers on stands rather than against the wall is said to enhance overall sound quality. 

Step 5: Cinema seating

No home cinema setup is complete without a cozy place to sit! A sofa is great, but you can also turn anything into a couch. Seriously. Make a nest from giant pillows and blankets, or transform the back seat of your car into a couch — ideal for if you make an outdoor movie theatre at home. 

With your home cinema set up, it’s time to pop some corn, dim the lights, and settle down to your epic movie-watching experience. 

For more tips and tricks for your home, find them all here. After all, there’s no place like home — so make it cozy!