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Self-care morning rituals for winter

Self-care morning rituals for winter

Mornings can be stressful. Especially in the winter when darkness and cold weather is tough on the mind, body, and soul. How nice would it be to start the day feeling energised and calm? Just as we switch to a winter closet, it may be time to refresh your morning ritual. A few small changes can make a big impact, nourishing your well-being. 

Our mood, hormones, metabolism, and even sleep adapt to the change in season. Making winter the ideal time to start a self-care ritual or add elements to your existing morning routine to help you find balance with nature. 

Here are some winter morning rituals to try. Incorporate one or all of these ideas into your routine to feel the benefit of starting the day on a more positive note. 

Winter morning rituals to try today

The gift of time

A good place to start is waking up 10-15 minutes earlier to give yourself some breathing space — literally. Allowing yourself a little extra time in the morning keeps stress levels down, regulating your breathing. And if waking earlier just isn’t an option, there are plenty of ways to create a nourishing winter morning ritual in no extra time.

Wake up with the alarm, put down the phone

It is natural for our bodies to want to wake up with the sun. But when there’s work to do, we often rise before dawn in the winter. Instead of hitting snooze, awaken your body with a juicy stretch and a deep breath. This gentle movement jumpstarts circulation and helps set a positive mood for the day.

Many of us use our phone as an alarm. It’s tempting to scroll through social media or check emails before we even get out of bed! Do yourself a favour and put your phone down until you’re ready to leave the house or start working from home. 

Make a tea

It’s nice to have a reason to get out of bed and a warming cup of tea instantly rewards the senses. Whether you opt for a caffeinated or nourishing herbal tea. The ritual of making a brew, then sitting down to drink it begins the day tea-rrifically

Simply sit in silence

Meditation can be an intimidating word. Yet the act of simply sitting and being present, even for a couple of minutes, has benefits. Focusing on your breath calms the nervous system, reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels, and can free up headspace. Simply doing nothing filters out internal and external noise. It’s often in moments of silence where great ideas often come to us. Not a bad way to start the day, hey?

Get moving

Whether your jam is a quick HIIT workout or gentle morning yoga, getting the body moving in the morning kickstarts circulation and renews stagnant energy. Making your body ready for the day physically in this way tends to lead to increased productivity and cleaner eating.

Aromatherapy shower

The power of plants is real! They can boost your mood and invigorate the senses. Try adding essential oils to your morning shower routine: energise with peppermint, uplift with bergamot, and inject some cheer with clary sage. Alternatively, why not attach a handful of fresh eucalyptus to the showerhead. The hot water releases the natural antibacterial and relaxing properties of eucalyptus.

Look after your skin

Winter can dry out the skin. Give it some extra love by exfoliating once a week. Invigorate your skin and leave it feeling soft with gentle, circular movements of self-massage. You may also want to opt for a more hydrating moisturiser and lip balm to protect against cold, dry weather.


Journaling, affirmations, or planning the day ahead, there are many ways to incorporate writing into a morning ritual. Find which one works for you. All of them can help you identify insights, ideas, and lessons learned, as well as discover areas of opportunity and personal growth. 

Get outside

Fresh air and a change in scenery can do wonders for well-being. Even if you’re working from home, taking a short walk around the block can ground you. Connecting to nature in this way can lower stress levels and boost motivation — especially on a bright, clear day.

Incorporating one or all of these self-care morning rituals will leave you ready to face the day – no matter what life throws at you!