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Small Closet Ideas: Maximise Your Closet Space

Small Closet Ideas: Maximise Your Closet Space

If you’re the owner of a small closet, you likely know the struggle that comes with not having enough space for your clothes and accessories. Even a small amount of clutter and disorganisation can make a small closet look completely messy. Don’t let your closet become a source of stress. Instead, follow our helpful tips on how to organise a small closet!

Small closet organisation ideas

When it comes to really getting the most out of your closet, whatever its size, there are three main principles to keep in mind: reduce the amount of stuff inside it, make use of unused space, and find a system that will make it easy to find things in your closet. 


The first step to maximising space in your closet is minimising the amount of things that you store inside it. Go through everything in your closet and think about whether or not you enjoy using the item, as well as how often you use it. This is a great opportunity to rediscover old clothes that have been pushed to the back of your closet and to evaluate if you really want certain things to take up valuable space in your tiny closet.

If you live somewhere with seasons, separate the clothing that you won’t be needing for the next few months. These are best stored away, whether under your bed or in your basement. Switching the clothes in your closet twice a year is much easier than having to deal with an overly filled closet every day.

Now, chances are that even after you’ve sorted out the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you want to donate and throw out, you’ll still have some trouble optimising your small closet. Not to worry! The next small closet ideas are sure to bring you closer to the closet of your dreams. 

Small closet storage ideas

After you’ve determined what you want to actually have in your closet, you’ll need to figure out the best way to store the items in there. Most closets will already come with a clothes rack, but chances are that won’t be nearly enough to accommodate all of the clothes you want to keep in your closet. Have a look and check out which parts of your closet aren’t being currently used. Usually, there’s still plenty of empty wall space as well as some room on the very top and of course on the floor. If your small closet has a door, you might be able to take advantage of that space as well, and install an over-the-door shoe rack or some hooks to hang accessories.

Consider which articles of clothing you prefer to have hung and which ones folded. Organise your closet according to how you’re likely to use it, and try to make sure everything is easily visible. After all, a jumper that you can’t see is one you’re not very likely to wear. Use storage boxes only for larger items like duvets and pillows. 


To get the most out of hanging your clothes, you have to think vertically. If you’re trying to figure out how to organise a small closet with lots of clothes, look for space saving hangers that can link up with one another, creating a cascade of your favourite shirts. You can also make these yourself by either using a chain or tabs from soft drink cans to connect multiple hangers. Another way of thinking vertically when it comes to how to organise a small closet is to see if you have space to add another clothes rack above or below the one already included.

Regardless of the amount of clothes you need to hang, it’s a good idea to try to use hangers that are as similar as possible. This will make your closet look much tidier.

Clothes hangers aren’t the only way to hang things in your closet, however. Take advantage of that unused wall space and install some hooks and pegs, too, which are great for accessories like scarves, hats, belts, and jewellery. 


For those items you prefer to have folded, it’s a good idea to install dividers on the shelves. This will keep your shelves tidy and can help you squeeze a bit more in than you would otherwise be able to without compromising on organisation.

If your closet includes drawers, resist the temptation of stacking your folded shirts and just closing the drawer shut. One small closet hack is to roll your shirts instead of folding them, placing them in the drawer so that each can be easily seen.

How to keep it up

The perfectly organised small closet is one that takes advantage of unused space and is much easier to use. Find a system that reflects how you use your clothing. Storing your items in a way that makes them visible makes it easier to keep your closet looking tidy. It’s also often helpful to store like with like. Everything should have a place, and the items you use the most should be placed in the centre, easily within reach. If you find yourself getting frustrated looking for something, you should reconsider its place in your closet. Maintain your organised closet every few months, or when you’re switching your winter and summer clothes. Make your closet work for you, and you won’t notice the missing the space.