Cleaning your oven, made simple!

cleaning your oven

Ovens are an essential household appliance for cooking and something many people use daily – whether it’s heating up leftovers, baking a cake, or cooking up a delicious pot roast from scratch. So why is it that cleaning your oven is such a dreaded task for most people? It doesn’t have to be this way! Our oven cleaning tips will help you turn it into a totally painless part of your routine.

The best way to clean an oven

Cleaning your oven can often feel like a mammoth task. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Baking and roasting regularly can cause a nasty build-up of grime and grease that takes some serious effort to remove. We find breaking the process into three simple steps as the easiest way to clean an oven: cleaning the removable items, cleaning the inside and cleaning the outside

1. Clean the removable elements

Step one is to remove any elements of the oven that you can. This is typically the oven rack, but let’s face is – many of us are guilty of storing the occasional pot or pan in there now and then. If it’s been a long time since the last clean, the oven rack (and any additional sneaky dishes) might need to be soaked in warm, soapy water to loosen any built-up grease before being scrubbed. Here’s a helpful oven cleaning hack: If your oven rack is too large to soak in your sink, use your bathtub instead. If you clean your oven regularly, a quick scrub and wipe down of the rack with a scouring pad or the green side of a sponge should do. If using the bathtub ensure that you wipe the tub clean afterward.

2. Clean the inside of the oven

Knowing how to clean the inside of the oven might seem a little daunting at first. After all, it’s got the largest surface area and often attracts the biggest build-up of grease and grime. But don’t sweat it! We’ve got three oven cleaning tips to help make this task as painless as possible: the store-bought cleaner method, the baking soda-vinegar method, and the lemon juice method.


If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, you can use Soft Scrub® with Bleach Cleanser and a metal spatula to gently scrape off any grease and residue on the bottom of the oven.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, wear protective gloves, and wipe down your oven thoroughly afterward with a clean damp sponge.


Soft Scrub® Cleanser with Bleach

The baking soda-vinegar method is a highly effective cleaning solution made using ingredients you’ve probably already got in your pantry. Mix a half cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of vinegar to create your cleaning paste. Then, using a clean brush, apply this mixture evenly all over the inside of your oven, making sure not to touch the heating elements. The mixture will need at least 12 hours to clean your oven, so the best thing to do is apply the solution at night before heading to bed, and by the morning, you should be good to go. Once the 12 hours have passed, grab a damp cloth and thoroughly wipe away all the baking soda-vinegar mixture.


If you’re short on time or simply prefer a quicker method, you can fill a baking dish up with 1/3 warm water and the juice of two lemons, and crank your oven up to 250 degrees for 30 minutes. After it’s done, you’ll find the grease has loosened up and will wipe away quite easily with a damp cloth.

3. Clean the outside of the oven

The outside of the oven is usually the easiest and least time-consuming part of the oven-cleaning process. Simply use either your baking soda-vinegar cleanser, a sponge soaked in lemon water or your store-bought cleaner to wipe down the outside, and use the sponge’s tough side to scrub away any particularly stubborn bits!