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Dog Grooming Tips

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Man’s best friend is deserving of some TLC. Our loyal pets depend on us to take care of them, but it’s fair to say that we can’t always afford to take them to the salon as often as they’d need. That’s where this guide comes in because we’ve got some tips for you on dog grooming at home. Let’s have a look at the most important points of dog grooming, and then what you can safely achieve at home. 

Tips on dog grooming

When your dog gets professionally groomed, the groomer’s experienced eye will check your dog’s overall health.

First, your dog’s skin and fur should be glossy, soft and flake-free. Do note that different dog breeds have different types of coats, so make sure you’re familiar with the kind of coat your dog has and ensure the grooming is right for that kind of coat. If you notice lots of scratching, itching or licking, your dog might be feeling uncomfortable. Of course, grooming may help, but you might have to bring your beloved pooch to the vet if this persists. The paws and nails will also need a trim as excess fur that grows between toes and long nails needs to be clipped. A groomer might notice a wound or missing nail if you haven’t already.

Additionally, your pup’s eyes and ears will need to be checked. Usually there’s not much to be done here from a groomer’s point of view, but making sure ears and eyes are clean is a basic dog grooming step during this process.

Dog grooming tips at home

Now that the skin, fur, nails, teeth, eyes and ears have been checked—the most important external elements for indicating your pooch’s health—we can take a look at what you can do at home to take care of your pup.

Skin and fur

A good way to take care of your dog’s skin is to bathe your dog on occasion. Dogs love rolling around in the dirt, but this dirt and mud can carry through your home and even get a bit smelly. For this reason, it is a good idea to give your dog a bath with special dog shampoo when needed. This will help take care of your pup’s fur to keep it clean. (And we’ve also got some tips and tricks for removing pet hair from your house.)

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If your dog’s nails get too long it can affect their ability to walk. This is not good news because dogs need a lot of exercise for their physical and mental well-being. You can buy dog nail trimmers, but do be careful when trimming their nails because if cut too short, it can be very painful for your dog. If in doubt, leave this to a professional. 


Dental hygiene is as important for dogs as it is for us. You can get a dog toothpaste at the vet and spread it on a hardened chew as directed by your vet. You can also use a dog toothbrush to gently brush your hound’s teeth. Because you can’t explain what you’re doing to your dog, be patient and take it slow. Soon enough your dog will get used to their teeth being cleaned!

Eyes and ears

As mentioned above, there isn’t a huge amount of cleaning required for eyes and ears. There is an exception for floppy-eared dogs, though. With these dogs, ask your vet about a good ear cleaner and clean according to how much wax buildup they get. Make sure their ears stay clean and dry to avoid infection.

The eyes should always be clear without discharge. Consult a vet if this is not the case.

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