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Got a run in your stocking?

Got a run in your stocking?

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We have all experienced being out for dinner, on a date, at a show or at work…and someone points out (sometimes loudly for all the world to hear), “Oh, my dear, you have a run in your stocking!” Embarrassment sets in and you are stuck with few options…what do you do now? 

What does a run in your stocking mean?

Technically, it should be no big deal. After all, it is just a series of fibers that got stuck or snagged on something and it all started with a small hole or tear in your tights, nylons or pantyhose. However, the way the fabric is made means that a little tear can quickly become a giant flaw—it "runs" up and/or down the leg from there. No big deal…right? Well, for some reason, it IS a big deal and you need to do something quick!

3 tips for fixing a run in your stocking

  1. The first tried-and-true solution is to locate a bottle of clear nail polish and, while you are still wearing the stockings, dab a little of the nail polish on each end of the run. Or slip quietly into the restroom and take them off and carefully dab the nail polish on the ends of the run and wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then off you go.
  2. Another plan would be to ask one of your pals if they have any hairspray and proceed to slip quietly away and, rather than just dabbing the ends, carefully spray hairspray over the entire length of the run. It will keep the run from getting worse and you can carry on as normal. Make sure to not spray the hairspray directly on your skin as it could cause an allergic reaction.
  3. If you have thicker tights, the old needle and thread trick would also work in a pinch. 

3 tips for avoiding a run in your stocking

  1. After hand washing your tights in cool water (in the sink), air dry them—do not put them in the dryer as this will weaken and stretch out the fibers.
  2. Buy your tights or nylons a size up. This means that they won’t be as tight and will be less prone to “running.”
  3. A lot of runs happen when we first put on a new or newly washed pair. To avoid runs, moisturize your hands before putting tights on, or even try wearing gloves.

Planning for emergencies

Here are few ideas for those of us who wear tights or nylons. 

  1. If you plan to wear them, add a small bottle of clear nail polish and a small travel-sized hair spray in your purse when you are planning to be away from home or your office. Voilà!
  2. Carry an extra pair of hose in your purse (in a small baggie) or leave a brand-new pair in your car. 
  3. Put your jewelry on after you put on your tights/nylons. As well, be aware of any rough surfaces and steer away from sitting where you might “catch a snag.”

We hope our tips on what to do with a run in a stocking have helped you—and don’t forget to check out our other tips such as how to maximize your closet space, how to easily clean pet hair and how to clean jewelry at home. Make sure you register with Ask Team Clean to get more advice and rewards sent to you!