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How to Remove Wine Stains on Your Wall

How to remove wine stains on your wall

"Sure, I’ll have another small glass!" The exuberant mood of yesterday's party still echoes in you. But unlike your guests who have now left, the wine stains have outstayed their welcome. Suddenly, your good mood is gone. What to do? Paint over the spots? Put up fresh wallpaper? Not necessarily! You might be used to getting red wine stains out of your clothing, but your wall?! In this article, we explain how to remove red wine stains on your wall and hope you won’t have to clean stains off your rugs and carpet as well. Let’s get rid of last night’s traces!

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Removing red wine stains from a white wall

Have you found a red wine stain on your wall…your painted wall? To remove yesterday’s mishap, it’s best to get yourself a  surface cleaner such as Soft Scrub® Multi-Surface Gel. This will help you to remove wine stains that have already dried up. However, the easiest way to get rid of wine stains on your wall is to do so when they are fresh. So, if you see a wine glass tipping over and splashes landing on the wall, don't wait until the next day; act immediately! We recommend testing how your wall reacts to the cleaning agent in an inconspicuous place first to make sure the color doesn’t come off your wall! Here's how to get red wine stains out of your painted wall:

  • Gently apply the surface cleaner to the stain.
  • Take a sponge or soft cloth and gently massage the cleaner in, using light circular motions—don't rub too vigorously.
  • Leave the cleaner on for about five minutes.
  • Finally, dab the spot with a dry cloth.

Wallpapered surfaces? Remove that red wine stain on your wall!

Bleaching really only works on white walls. And your chances of getting red wine stains off the wall are good if you're dealing with stone or concrete surfaces. For these types of walls you could try our Soft Scrub® with Bleach Cleaner Gel multi-surface cleanser. But, how do you get red wine stains off a wallpapered wall? Be sure to test a patch beforehand and, according to online sources, with any luck these more unusual methods may bring you success:

  • Dirt eraser: For a more superficial red wine stain that has not penetrated deep into the wall, it is worth trying a commercially available dirt eraser. When buying, make sure the eraser is suitable for your wall type.
  • Shaving foam: On some wallpapers (and other surfaces), shaving foam works very well to remove red wine stains from your wall. Wet the stained area, spray on the shaving cream and let it dry. Finally, brush off with a soft brush.

Before trying any one of these tips, be sure to test it out on a less visible spot on your wall to be sure the cleaning tactic doesn’t leave its own mark.

While removing the wine stains on your wall, did you notice any other stains? Get your surfaces clean again with our clever cleaning tips!