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5 Tips to Give the Gift of Clean for Valentine’s Day

how to clean, here is what our experts recommend

Whether you’re having a virtual Valentine’s Day or celebrating at home, we’re sharing our favorite ways to give the gift of clean to the one you love.

Spruce Up Your Space

If you live with your loved one, consider upgrading elements of your shared space. Show you care with an accessible DIY project like adding some personal touches to a dated piece of furniture in a common area, or manage the madness of your kitchen pantry by deep cleaning the drawers, ditching expired products, and adding new containers and labels. Bonus points if you replenish it with their favorite snacks.

Create a Honey-Do List

Don’t wait for your partner to make their punch-list of home repair projects that need attention. Get ahead of the ask with your own “honey-do” list. Design it with your Valentine’s Day date in mind, adding personal touches like images and fun fonts. Going digital? Add links to tutorials and Pinterest inspiration to help visualize the task-at-hand. Let your commitment and care shine with a schedule for each item on their list.

Refresh with Scent

You don’t have to be handy to refresh your living space. Scent is a subtle way to change things up, and you can get creative by tailoring a scent to a specific room. Does the smell of clean laundry motivate you? Add the aroma of clean linen to your office space with a fragrance diffuser or scented oil plug-in.

Restock on Repeat

Take the guesswork out of home care by setting up subscriptions for your most used cleaning products. If your preferred retailer doesn’t offer recurring shipments, add a task or reminder to a calendar you share with your significant other so they know you’re thinking one-step ahead.

Laugh Through the Loads

Sometimes, there’s no dressing up a dirty situation, but a little laughter can go a long way. Leave funny love notes in the laundry room like “love you loads” or “I love you like I love an empty laundry basket” to help them crack a smile while they’re working through their chores. Make the laughter last by making your one-liner into laundry room artwork.