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Bathtub cleaning: How often and with what?

Bathtub cleaning: How often and with what?

Whether after a strenuous day at work or on a freezing cold winter’s evening – there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath. That being said, it’s important to keep it free of dirt and soap scum.

Cleaning the bathtub right after using it

Don’t let dirt become a permanent guest in your house. Take a shower right after you’ve had a bath and use the hot water jet to clean the bathtub. This won’t allow the dirt any time to dry around the sides.

In general, make sure to wipe the tub regularly and clean it thoroughly once a month.

Cleaning the bathtub: Tips for gentle care

Bathtubs often have enamel coatings or are made of delicate materials such as acrylic or plastic. Protect the surface by using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth when cleaning. Avoid harsh scouring pads at all costs. With an effective cleaning agent, there’s usually no need for scrubbing anyway.

Getting rid of mold stains and odors in the tub

If you happen to find some mold stains, there are plenty of special mold cleaners that will get rid of it straightaway. Sometimes vinegar and baking soda are used to clean joints in the bathroom, but we recommend antibacterial cleaners to remove dark mold stains on tile joints, tiles, and shower curtains and stop unpleasant odors coming from the drain. If joints or seals are damaged, repair them with grout, or replace them completely.

How to remove soap scum from the tub

If you have hard water in your bathroom, there’s more chance of soap scum forming. We recommend using Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser to remove soap scum from your bathtub. Be sure to remove as soon as possible  because the longer you wait, the harder it will be.

Tip: You can find out the water hardness from your local water supplier.

Cleaning the bathtub with a toothbrush

Instead of throwing your old toothbrush away, you can use it to clean your bathtub. The small brush allows you to get into the hard-to-reach places, and also clean fittings, joints, and drains.

Removing stains from hair color products

You’ve just colored your hair and have realized that you also managed to stain the bathtub, tiles, and shower curtain? No problem! With the right method, you can remove dye residue from all these materials. You can also use water mixed with vinegar or citric acid and remove the dye with a soft sponge. However, we recommend a special bath cleaner.

How to make towels smell great

Wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel after your bath and then slipping your bathrobe on is so cozy! The right fabric softener can make your towels smell amazing. Try out Snuggle® SuperCare™ Lilies and Linen Liquid Fabric Softener.