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How to get coffee stains out of your couch

A happy couple enjoying their coffee time on the couch

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After a cozy coffee date with your friends, you find not only cookie crumbs and cake remnants on your couch, but also stubborn brown coffee stains? Reason to panic? No! The easiest option—hide the offensive coffee stains under a decorative blanket. Alternatively, you could say goodbye to the unwanted couch decoration! Here are some tips on how to remove coffee stains from your couch.

Quick coffee stain removal? Just lather up your sofa!

Don’t spoil your good mood just because a bit of latte macchiato or cappuccino went astray. You can remove the ugly coffee stains on your couch without leaving any noticeable residue! Generally, a fresh coffee-stained couch is easier to clean than when stains have had time to dry. Blot fresh coffee stains before trying to remove them. Paper towels work great for this due to their high absorbency. However, a lint-free cloth or a sponge will also do. Once you've got as much of the liquid out as possible, you can start to remove the stain. This shouldn’t be too hard with standard upholstery cleaning foam. Alternatively, you can also use carpet cleaner.

  1. After blotting the stain dry, grab the spray can and shake it vigorously to activate the foam.
  2. Check for color fastness by spraying a small amount in an inconspicuous spot on the couch.
  3. Spray the coffee stains on your couch generously, making sure that the foam really does cover the stained area completely.
  4. Use a suitable cloth, sponge or soft brush. Dampen it lightly with clear water and gently massage the foaming substance into the stained surface.
  5. Now let the areas dry.
  6. Finally, use the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery nozzle attached. The annoying coffee stain should have disappeared! Easy, isn't it?

Coffee-stained couch? Home remedies can also help!

You don't have any spray in the house? No problem! What are tried-and-tested home remedies for? Sources claim that some of them are ideal for removing coffee stains from your couch. But be sure to test your sofa cover before you start; choose a hidden spot to make sure it's colorfast. Otherwise, you may be faced with faded areas after cleaning. Don't forget to pat fresh stains dry first. Here's how to remove coffee stains from your couch using home remedies found online:

  1. Sparkling mineral water: Carefully pour some sparkling mineral water on the coffee stain on your sofa. Be careful not to soak the upholstery too much! Wait a short while, dab dry—and repeat until the stain has disappeared.
  2. Warm water: Lightly dampen a clean cloth or sponge and gently blot the fresh coffee stain.
  3. Dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent: For latte macchiato, cappuccino or other milk-based coffee stains on your couch, use a little dishwashing liquid or detergent. You could try our Purex® Odor Release Liquid Laundry Detergent, which also helps fight odors. Simply add a drop to some warm water.
  4. Glass cleaner: If you want to remove a dried-on coffee stain, sources say a colorless glass cleaner usually works wonders. Simply moisten the coffee stain on your couch with warm water, spray on the glass cleaner and leave it to dry. Finally, dab with a clean, damp cloth and then use a few paper towels to draw the moisture out of the upholstery.

Now that the coffee stains on your couch have been taken care of maybe your carpet needs a thorough clean as well? For more household cleaning inspiration, head to our cleaning section and browse around.