How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

kitchen counter with Borax and miscellaneous cleaning supplies

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You don’t need a spare cabinet or closet to keep your cleaning supplies organized. In fact, with so many products boasting multipurpose (and multi-surface!) uses, you may be able to free up more storage space without compromising on a quality clean. We gathered up our favorite organization tips and tricks to help you keep your cleaning routine uninterrupted.

Safety First

While TikTok laundry room videos may be oddly satisfying, the trend of storing laundry and household cleaning products in anything other than the manufacturer’s packaging is dangerous. Help keep your household safe by keeping products in their original containers, complete with the product labels and warnings, closed or in the “off” nozzle position, and always make sure to store out of reach from children and pets. After using a product, make sure its seal is tight before storing and if it’s stored under a sink, use cabinet locks or other child-safety measures.

Before updating your storage setup, be sure to also check product labels to ensure certain products – like bleach-based cleaners and ammonia-based cleaners – are not stored together in case they leak.

Take Inventory and Make a Floor Plan

Enjoy a little clean-out catharsis by going through your cleaning products to see what’s empty, expired, or unnecessary. Once you’ve cleared out and taken stock of your supplies, you’ll be ready to take on our tips for ongoing organization.

  • Tip 1: Focus on a “less is more” mindset to start if space is especially slim. You don’t need to prepare a proper blueprint, but knowing the areas you need to regularly clean, the intended use of your cleaning products, and if there’s adjacent, safe storage will be helpful in planning the tools and products you should have on-hand. If you’re using a full closet or cabinet, consider setting up different bins with supplies grouped by category, like: laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, floors. Closet storage for cleaning supplies is especially helpful for being able to keep the products, as well as vacuums, brooms, and mops away from children and pets. Where space is at a premium, consider blocking off a high shelf in a linen closet, or a child-proof cabinet with the same sort of zone-system. Things like Lazy Susans can make even the smallest under-sink spaces more efficient for storage.
  • Tip 2: Try going greener and opting for microfiber towels and cloths versus disposable paper products for cleaning. You’ll be able to reuse them, and because they can be folded, they have a much smaller footprint than multi-packs of paper products.
  • Tip 3: A bucket may seem like overkill, but buckets are actually the ultimate multipurpose tool and they don’t break the bank. They’re great for mopping, but also great for product storage.
  • Tip 4: Depending on the product you use, you’ll want to stock up on some brushes. If you only have a small storage space, you may want to consider a hand broom and dustpan versus a fuller size version. And if you prefer to wash your dishes by hand, you may also want to consider a good sponge or dish brush.
  • Tip 5: If your floors need more than a quick sweep of a broom, you’ll need to determine if a mop or vacuum are necessary. If you can choose one or the other, you’ll be saving both space and money.
  • Tip 6: Not all cleaning products require gloves – remember, always read the instructions and warnings on the package! – but it’s good to have a pair of rubber gloves in your cleaning kit just in case. If you’ll be using gloves for the kitchen and the bathroom, make sure to have two pairs. Maximize the lifespan of your gloves by rinsing them thoroughly and allowing them to dry completely before storing
  • Tip 7: Focus on products that can be multipurpose. For example, you can use Borax as part of your laundry routine, but you can also use it in your dishwasher when mixed with water
  • Tip 8: Check your supplies often so you’re never faced with an unexpected empty bottle. Keep a supply list on your phone (or go analog with a printed checklist)   

Coming up with the right system for organizing your cleaning supplies may take time, but the reward is worth it. Having a designated space for your cleaning tools and supplies will help you keep your home clean, and ensure products are stored as directed, all while reducing clutter and saving you time and money.