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How to unclog a shower drain

How to unclog and clean your shower drain

When you come out of the shower all fresh and clean, it doesn’t mean that the dirt has vanished into thin air – it’s just been moved somewhere else. Namely, your shower drain. Here are some tips on how to clean your shower drain.

Clean the shower drain regularly

In addition to the shower walls, the fittings, tiles, shower tray, and joints, you should also clean the shower drain regularly. Hair, in particular, likes to collect in the drain as well as shampoo and soap, and grease and other dirt.

An easy way to keep the shower drain clean is to use a strainer. The drain strainer prevents hair and dirt from being washed down the drain and causing blockages. The dirt and hair collected in the strainer can then be thrown in the trash. To clean the strainer, use a bathroom cleaning agent, like Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser, let it work its magic for a short time, and then wipe the strainer clean with a wet cloth.

Important! Check the shower drain regularly even if you’re using a strainer so you can catch the first signs of clogging. The more blocked a drain gets, the more difficult it is to unclog.

How to clean a clogged shower drain

While cleaning the shower, did you notice that the drain's blocked? If you've read our article on drain cleaning, you might already know that drain cleaner is a good solution. For slight blockages caused by grease deposits, for example, a simple household cleaner can also work. Fill a 50 fl oz pot with hot/boiling water. Squirt a bit of drain cleaner into the shower drain and then slowly pour the boiling water in afterward. Always fill it up to the edge of the drain and then wait until it has drained away. Repeat the process until the blockage is cleared.

If you have a particularly severe blockage, you probably need a plunger. You can get one at a drugstore or a household supply store. Place the plunger over the center of the shower drain and press it down firmly against the shower tray. Then let enough water run into the shower tray to cover the entire suction cup. Alternately, move the plunger up and down to create a vacuum and extra pressure that should clear the blockage. If the plunger does not help, a drain snake could be the solution. Only use the drain snake if you really know what you're doing so that you don’t damage the pipe. If you would rather not risk it, we recommend that you hire or consult a licensed plumber.

Cleaning the shower drain with household products

If the water is still taking ages to drain away, there are some household products you can try that might help to remove the blockage and clean the shower drain. Put four tablespoons of baking soda and then about half a cup of vinegar into the drain. When the two household products mix, you will hear a bubbling sound. When this subsides, rinse out the drain with hot water. The blockage should now be cleared.