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What’s the Best Way to Clean an Oven?

Oven cleaning made easy – eight steps to get your oven gleaming like new.

The harder your oven works, the dirtier it's likely to get. Let us show you how to clean off burnt-on grease, and to get to those hard-to-clean corners.

Eight Steps to a Clean Oven

1. Before you start cleaning your oven, read the instructions. In most cases, this will contain the manufacturer's advice on cleaning.

2. Allow your oven to cool completely before cleaning.

3. Take out the oven rack.

4. If recommended by your oven’s manufacturer, shake a can of oven cleaner and spray the entire interior, if possible. Make sure that no cleaner gets onto the fan in the back (if you have one). Allow the cleaner to work for approx. 15 minutes or the time indicated in the product use instructions  before wiping off with a damp rag.

5. While your oven cleaner is doing it’s thing, use the time to clean the oven door: spray the glass on the front and inside with a degreasing detergent and give it a few minutes to take effect. Then wipe with a damp rag. On some ovens you can remove the door for easier cleaning. 


6. Baking trays  and oven racks made of untreated stainless steel or enamel can be cleaned in the sink. To do this, place the rack on the tray and then spray with oven cleaner . After the time stated on the can, rinse thoroughly in the sink with water and wipe dry.

7. For easy cleaning, you can sometimes dismantle or remove oven parts such as control switches or side grilles in the interior.

8. If the control switches can't be removed, simply wipe them with a damp rag with a little dishwashing liquid on it. To remove stains in grooves, use a soft toothbrush. Then wipe again with a clean damp rag.

For self-cleaning ovens, follow the manufacturer's instructions. If your oven is very dirty, you can repeat all or some of the steps above.

Happy cleaning!

Team Clean