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What's the best way to clean your toilet?

Let's face it, it's no-one's favorite household task. But we can show you how to get your toilet sparkling and hygienically clean.

Follow our motto – minimum effort, maximum effect

Apply toilet cleaner up to the edge of the bowl and let it work for 15 minutes or for the time indicated on the package instructions.. In case of very heavy soiling or calcification, leave on longer.

Cleaning the toilet in and out

While the toilet cleaner is taking effect in the bowl, wipe the rest of toilet with an all purpose cleaner or a cleaner recommended for bathrooms using a sponge or rag. It's best to work in the following order:

  • Outside of lid
  • Inside of lid
  • Outside of seat
  • Inside of seat
  • Outside of bowl

Rinsing and scrubbing

If the toilet is only slightly dirty, you can flush away the toilet cleaner after the recommended time on the product bottle. For dirtier toilets, scrub with a toilet brush before flushing.

Pro Tip: When cleaning, use color-coded cleaning rags or sponges, e.g. blue for the bathroom, green for the kitchen and red for the toilet. Then you can be sure that you don't accidentally get the rags or sponges mixed up and spread harmful bacteria.

Don't forget to clean the floor around the toilet. Daily cleaning is especially important if men use the toilet regularly.

And with these simple steps to a cleaner toilet, Team Clean bids you toodle-loo.