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DIY Christmas gifts everyone will love

It’s true that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Spending time with your family and enjoying the Christmas spirit is all part of the holiday, but it’s also a season for giving. If you’re scratching your head over what to give your loved ones this year, check out these great DIY Christmas present ideas that are simple and affordable to make.

Fantastic DIY Christmas gift ideas

Don’t buy anything online or wander around the shopping mall until you check out these DIY Christmas gifts first! You might have many of these items in the house already, so set aside a bit of time and get in a crafty mood, because these are some of the best Christmas gift ideas to make yourself. 

  • Relaxing bath gift set — Grab an old shoebox and wrap some decorative wrapping paper to cover up any logos or designs. Now, neatly pack in a few essential bath items such as a bath bomb, scented candle, bath salts, soap, and even a mini bottle of champagne and a bar of chocolate! You could fill the gaps with some teared up sheets of packing paper and perhaps some dried flowers and leaves.
  • Golden animal jars — Everything looks better when it’s golden! One of the best DIY Christmas gifts we’ve heard about recently is spray painting plastic animal toys golden. You can buy these cheap toys in any toy store (or maybe your kids have some that they don’t use anymore), and then you’ll just need to pick up some gold spray paint. Find an area outside where you can spray paint your loved one’s favorite animals a shiny gold, wait until they’ve dried, then glue them onto the lid of glass jars.
  • Gingerbread fudge — The perfect DIY Christmas present for anyone with a sweet tooth! Gingerbread fudge is great because you’ve got the scent of Christmas and a useful gift that you know someone will eat and enjoy. You could also do gingerbread cookies!
  • Memory book — These days, many of us take photos on our smartphones from holidays or events but never really look at them so much. To ensure someone you love will cherish the pictures, create a memory photo album that they can leave on their coffee table and reminisce whenever they want. You can create a simple or lavish photo album online and get it sent to your door. Wrap it up and give a DIY Christmas gift from the heart.
  • Knitted item — This one is great because it gives you a new hobby to learn and makes a gift for someone as well! Learn to knit a scarf, socks, or pair of gloves for winter and give these away to your friends and family for Christmas. Knitted things really are some of the best Christmas gift ideas to make yourself.

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