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The magic of gift donation

The magic of gift donation

What do you get the person who has everything? Sometimes we buy gifts just for the sake of it because we feel obligated to, without thinking if the recipient actually needs a novelty car mat or a fifth coffee mug. There are ways of getting around this though—what if you gave donations instead of gifts? You could donate to charity as a gift to someone, or simply donate gifts or your own time for those less fortunate who otherwise wouldn’t receive anything. Here are some ideas for giving donations as a gift. 

Give charity gifts

A great idea is to give to charity in someone’s name. The recipient will receive a thank you card, explaining how much the gift donation is helping those in need. Whether you’ve gifted a well to a village without water, school supplies to an underfunded school, or contributions to important social causes, it’s definitely going to be more appreciated than an ugly Christmas sweater. 

Donate to charity

When was the last time you sorted through your closet? Do you really need that cocktail dress you bought a decade ago that you still haven’t found the perfect occasion for? Consider organizing your closet and donating any clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in a while. Let someone else get joy from garments you know you’ll never wear—stop kidding yourself.

You could also get your kids involved with charitable gift donations by having them collect any toys they haven’t played with in the last year. Instead of laying around gathering dust, the toys get a new lease on life and can be enjoyed by less fortunate kids.

Give to an animal shelter

If you look at the website of the nearest animal shelter, you may find a list of what the shelter currently needs, or simply call them and ask what they need. Maybe blankets, toys or food. Fido is no doubt going to enjoy that rubber bone you’ve donated as a gift. If you’re super crafty, you could even make a toy that the animals can enjoy.

Donate your time as a gift

If you don’t have much money to spare, but have got some time on your hands, why not volunteer? There are so many places in need of help, such as:

  • Homeless shelter: Duties may include cooking and serving food, organizing a food or coat drive, picking up donated items, talking with residents, etc.
  • School: Tutoring children, reading to students, grading assignments, planning and assisting with classroom activities are what you could expect when volunteering at a school.
  • Animal shelter: Tasks could include walking and picking up after dogs, socializing cats, cleaning kennels, getting food ready, bathing animals, etc.
  • Nursing home: Visiting residents, coordinating games and activities, reading to them, and conversing with them can be expected when helping out in a nursing home.

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