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7 Ways to Create Memorable Moments While Stuck at Home


One of the biggest changes that came with COVID-19 was the massive increase in time we spend at home with our immediate family. The days are so similar that they can start to feel like they are flowing into one another. As a result, time may feel like it is moving too quickly. That doesn’t seem fair to our kids, does it?

We at Ask Team Clean want our kids to remember these times as positively as possible. It’s important that they enjoy the freedom and wonder of their youth just like the many generations before them.

To help them do so, we parents need to find ways to break up the monotony and create moments that they will remember forever. We want to help you break the script and elevate your family experiences above the normal routine.

Here is a list of seven fun and interesting ways to spice up your many days at home and make new memories for your family.

1. Theme Night

Every couple of weeks, enjoy a new theme night celebrating foods, music and movies from other regions and cultures. A few thought starters:

  • Texas Night with ribs and brisket, Outlaw country music (e.g. Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings) and a viewing of Friday Night Lights
  • Jamaica Night with jerk chicken, peas and rice, reggae music (e.g. Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and more), and a viewing of Cool Runnings
  • Ireland Night with corned beef and hash or Irish stew, Irish music (e.g. The Saw Doctors, The Waterboys, Flogging Molly, Thin Lizzy and The Pogues) and a viewing of Sing Street
  • Philadelphia Night with Philly cheesesteaks, Philadelphia soul music (e.g. the O’Jays, The Spinners and many more), and a viewing of Rocky or Invincible

Please be sure to select a movie that is appropriate for your children’s age range.

2. Dinner in front of the TV

Dinnertime is often a daily ritual, when the whole family gets together, and is, therefore, a ripe time for a little disruption. Maybe relocate the kitchen table and plop it down in the family room in front of the TV. Find some family friendly shows or local sports events to watch together. I predict that months or years later, your kids will end up asking, “remember that week we decided to eat dinner while watching TV?”

3. A New Hobby

Brainstorm with the whole family to identify a new activity you can all do together. Whether it is hiking, cooking, jigsaw puzzles or starting a YouTube channel, as long as you do it together, your kids will be sure to love it.

4. A Homemade Movie

You don’t need to be Spielberg to develop a little something entertaining. Fire up your smartphones and create short home videos with the whole fam. And with today’s technology, the editing couldn’t be easier. Here are a few initial ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Lip-synch a music video to the current family favorite song
  • Shoot a brand new talk show or game show
  • Recreate a scene from your favorite movie
  • Develop a fake movie trailer
  • Film exciting action shots and then edit all of the clips to run in reverse
  • Choreograph a TikTok dance (you know, if that’s your thing)

And if you’re feeling bold, share your finished product on your social channels.

5. A Kid and Parent Swap

Take a deep breath and then hand over responsibility to your kids. Let them plan the day’s activities and set the menu for the meals. Maybe even allow them to cook the meal. Not only will they appreciate you for being such a cool parent, they’ll always remember that day they were the king and/or queen of the castle.

Be sure to set some ground rules and provide appropriate supervision to ensure everything is safe and reasonable.

6. Make-Your-Own Pizza and Sundae Night

If you’re not quite ready to allow your kids complete reign over the household, here is a great way to provide them with a little bit of control over the evening’s events. Hit the grocery store and pick up the dough, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and all of the toppings. Then plan a make-your-own pizza night where each family member can invent his or her own delicious masterpiece of a meal.

And if you’re still hungry, follow up the pizza with a make-your-own sundae dessert.

7. Spinning the Wheel of Fun

Add a little excitement and uncertainty to the evening with the Wheel of Fun. Create a simple pinwheel with a variety of enjoyable family activities, such as “play a board game,” “watch a movie,” “bake cookies” or “draw a picture.” If you want to add a little suspense to each spin, throw a few chores into the mix. Then watch the anticipation on their faces as the wheel winds its way toward “clean the bathroom”! Either way, the Wheel of Fun is sure to elevate the moment at home.

Don’t stop here. Let us know your own ideas to help break the script in your homes and create memorable moments by posting on twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #askteamclean. You can also sign-up for Ask Team Clean to get the latest tips and promotions sent directly to your email inbox.