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DIY Spring Decorating Ideas

DIY Spring Decorating Ideas

The arrival of spring is a welcome moment for many—longer days, warmer temperatures and lots of cute baby animals! To celebrate the end of winter, you might want to decorate your home with some springtime decorations. Turn this into a rainy-day activity, get the kids involved and use DIY skills for your spring decorations. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Home Décor

Try these DIY spring decorations around the house after a good spring clean. If you need some cleaning inspiration, check out the cleaning section of our website.

Spring Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for holiday cheer! You can craft springtime wreaths, too. Instead of fir tree branches, you can use a foam ring as a base, and cover it in colorful wrapping paper and other decorations. You could also use young twigs and decorate these if you prefer the natural look.

Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are always cheerful, and you can make them spring themed by picking motifs such as tulips or little suns. If you want to get the kids involved, you can ask them to paint each tulip or sun, etc. in different ways. Just like decorating gingerbread, only for springtime—and with fewer calories!


You don’t need to throw a party to have an excuse for a centerpiece—the end of winter is reason enough to celebrate! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for DIY spring centerpiece decorations.

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Use a flamed-wood wine box as your base and fill it with real or paper flowers. You can use a stencil to add a personalized message on the front. Once your box is filled, you can arrange some fairy lights (in the winter we call these Christmas lights) throughout the leaves and blossoms for a magical, soft light. 

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a cheaper, cleaner alternative to real ones. Get the kids involved by asking them to create magical flowers—this way you don’t need to get too caught up in whether the paper tulips actually look like tulips. Creativity and a sense of humor are key when it comes to DIY spring decorating!

Spring “Christmas” Tree

It’s always sad to say goodbye to your Christmas tree, but we don’t see why decorated houseplants should be reserved for one holiday. Springy twigs can be decorated with painted eggs or paper ornaments. Pussy willow is a beautiful addition to any home, and it buds with its own decorations. A few fairy lights are all you need to complete that one!

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