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Nine Ideas of Halloween Activities to Do with Your Family

Nine family activities for this Halloween

Halloween is here, and it’s time to get into the fun. With kids undoubtedly getting excited for the costumes and candy, Ask Team Clean is here to help with some family friendly ideas to help get everyone into the… ahem, spirit… of the spookiest holiday. Here are nine ideas of Halloween activities you can do with your family.

1. Create creepy lanterns

Here’s a fun Halloween craft that can also help you decorate for a party or for trick or treaters. Create your own creepy lantern by taking a brown or white paper lunch bag and cutting themed shapes into the sides. Add some sand to the bottom of your bag and add a glow-stick or battery-powered candle to complete your lantern. Put them out at night for the full effect.

2. Make a scarecrow

This makes for a fun activity that can also be an effective decoration for the front of your house. Grab some old pants and a long-sleeve shirt and fill them up with fallen leaves. Assemble the scarecrow body and then give your new friend a head. This can be Halloween mask or a pumpkin with a hat on. Prop this fella out on a lawn chair as a new fall decoration.

3. Have a movie marathon

For the weeks or days leading up to Halloween, choose some fun, family-friendly movies to watch together and get in the right mood. For younger kids, check out Monster House, Hocus Pocus or the Halloween Town series. For households with older kids, consider Beetlejuice, Gremlins or the Goosebumps series. Be sure to choose the right movies for your kids age range. Common Sense Media is a reliable source to find what’s best for your family. And if the weather is nice, have the movie outdoors at night for the full Halloween effect.

4. Research the Kids’ Costumes

Do your kids have their costumes picked out yet? If so, spend some time researching the costume’s origin. If it’s a famous person, why are they famous? If it’s a fictional character, study the movie or book or show from which they came. This will make for fun conversation, and everyone might learn something.

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5. Paint zombie rocks

Want a little crafty with your creepy? Find some rocks in the yard and gather arts and crafts paints. You’ll especially want green and yellow. Now the kids can create an army of funny zombie heads to decorate your garden or perhaps your upcoming party.

6. Halloween dance party

Fire up a scary themed playlist, light up the disco ball and have a good old-fashioned monster mash. Play songs like “Ghostbusters,” “Werewolves of London,” “The Time Warp,” “Hungry Like The Wolf” and more. Check out Spotify for previously curated Halloween playlists.

7. Create Your Own Costumes

We all know Halloween culminates with Trick or Treating in a cool costume. Have your kids chosen costumes you can create together? Break out the sewing machine if you have one. Or maybe just hit the local crafts store. Creating the costumes together will likely result in a much better outfit than those pre-packaged, store-bought ones. Plus, it will also give you and the kids a more memorable experience.

8. Make DIY decorations

In addition to the DIY costumes, the family can also take on DIY decorations. This can be especially useful and budget friendly if you are hosting a Halloween party. And good news! We have a bunch of DIY decoration suggestions for you right here.

9. Have a neighborhood ghost hunt

Here’s an idea for the whole neighborhood. Coordinate with the other families on your street or nearby for a Ghost Scavenger Hunt. Have each household hide ghosts around the outside of their houses via decorations, drawings or chalk art. And then each family can walk the neighborhood hunting the many ghosts. The family that finds the most ghosts wins!

Now time to enjoy Halloween. If you’re looking for more fall activities, you may want to try planting your own pumpkins. Be sure to sign up for Ask Team Clean now for more DIY activities, helpful tips and special offers. Happy Halloween!