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Things to do with your kids – rain or shine

things to do with your kids

We know you’re not one to let the weather get you down, but we can all use some extra inspiration at times, especially when we’re stuck indoors. Maybe you’ve got a whole host of family activities on file or perhaps you’re more the spontaneous type. Either way, looking up what family activities to do is always a good idea to keep things fresh. We’ve put together a few indoor and outdoor activities, at home and away to help you add to your collection of creative things to do with kids.

Fun family activities for rainy days

A cozy day at home can be just what the doctor ordered when the weather is a bit dreary. But when the kids start itching for a bit of activity, you may be left wondering: What are fun family activities on days like these? Maybe these ideas can help inspire you.

  • Building an obstacle course: If the kids were set on swings and slides, be adventurous and bring the outdoors inside. You can  try building an obstacle course around your home. Cushions, chairs, and bedsheets: Everything is fair game here.
  • Camping indoors: Set up a tent up or build your own tent using cushions and sheets in front of the TV, make some popcorn, and set up camp for a rainy movie day.
  • Talent show: This is one of the easiest things to do with family, because you can ask the kids to do most of the work! Give them some practice time and then invite them to perform later. If you’ve got an only child, try asking them to create different characters to perform as. Or invite a host of their friends over to make it a real event. Adults can join in on the fun too!
  • Kids’ museums: Getting out of the house for family activities is totally possible even when the weather isn’t playing along. Many towns have special museums for kids, and some bigger museums have exhibitions especially for the whole family, allowing parents and older siblings to join in the fun.

Things to do with kids in the great outdoors

When the weather’s nice, you’ll probably want to get the family out of the house. The great outdoors is often associated with long hikes, lots of gear and — let’s be honest — tired kids. But taking the kids outside has so many benefits, and fun family activities outdoors don’t require a load of planning from your side.

  • Nature scavenger hunt: If you have a yard, you can make a list of things to find. For example, look for one big and one small pebble, three differently shaped leaves, two leaves with different colors and more. Let your imagination run wild or even ask the kids to write a list for one another. This is also possible even if you don’t have a yard. Simply take the kids to a local park and send them off on their nature scavenger hunt.
  • Let’s pretend game: Take your imagination further and come up with a “let’s pretend” game. For example, the floor is suddenly lava, and we need a way to get from one side of the garden or park to the other. Stones, big leaves or anything to keep you off the newly dangerous floor. This is one of the most fun things to do with kids!
  • DIY birdfeeders: If you want to attract wildlife to your home, you can make DIY birdfeeders out of pinecones and hang them in your garden. Getting to know the types of plants and animals in your area is one of many great fun family activities.
  • Craft a local encyclopedia: If you’re not sure about things to do with family, an easy one is asking the kids to take pictures or draw what they see in their world. Then, they can bring it all together and create a personal, local encyclopedia. You could even get your neighbors involved with this one!