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Top Valentine’s Day gifts for her – get inspired

Valentine gifts, get inspired

Jewelry, flowers or rather something hand-made? We admit that it can be tough to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present for the woman in your life. You want to make sure that your present tells that special someone just how important they are to you. Gifts should come straight from the heart and ideally be personalized. But how do you package all of these criteria into a single gift? Take a look at our top six ideas for Valentine gifts for women and find the inspiration you need – from store-bought to DIY.

1. Potted plant

Roses are red, violets are blue…flowers are a go-to Valentine’s Day gift but perhaps it’s time to change things up a little. While a beautiful bouquet of red roses is always a great idea, a potted plant could be a real standout. Try a sweetheart plant because its little leaves are shaped like hearts. How’s that for romantic! Best of all, she won’t have to throw them out after a week.

2. Customized chocolates

A box of chocolates can be a lifesaver if you’ve left your gift shopping for the last minute. But for that extra special sweet treat, try customized chocolates this year. Many chocolatiers offer services that let you personalize a nice box of bars or pieces to ensure she knows just how special she is to you.

3. Love messages

Feeling inspired? Then get creating! A booklet of personalized love messages is one of those extra special DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for women. Just get a nice notebook and start filling the pages with your heart-felt one-liners or little stories. Focus on what you love about her. You could also bedazzle the booklet using differently colored pens or other craft materials.

4. Personalized jewelry

From necklaces to bracelets to rings – there are countless jewelry variations. Which one you’ll choose depends on her preferences. Does she like silver or gold or even rose-gold? Does she usually wear necklaces or is she more of a ring girl? To make your jewelry stand out this Valentine’s Day, get a loving message engraved. That way, she’ll carry a reminder of you wherever she goes.

5. Spa treatment

Had a stressful start to the year and need a little pampering? Nothing says “I love you” like recognizing your partner’s needs. So, instead of making a reservation for a restaurant dinner, how about you book a trip to the spa for the both of you? It’s as much a Valentine’s gift for her as it will be for yourself. If you plan on being extra romantic this year, you could create a spa menu at home. From bubble baths with champagne to a foot massage – find out what she prefers!

6. Three-course meal

You could take her to that fancy new restaurant, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal. When you go through the effort of actually preparing a three-course dinner, she’ll be sure to appreciate it. There are plenty of great cookbooks and cooking blogs online to help you get started. And how about shaping the rice into a heart? Or try baking a cheesecake in the shape of a heart. Cooking and baking are creative so there’s lots of room to add a personal touch. This is a Valentine’s Day gift for her that she’ll never forget!