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Alternatives to ironing

ironed clothes next to a washing machine and an iron

Wrinkle-free clothes without much effort—too good to be true? Well with our tips and tricks you can make all that ironing easier, or even cut it out altogether and remove wrinkles without ironing! This leaves more time for the other things in life.

Some smooth alternatives to ironing.

Before ironing clothes, it makes sense to take a look at the care label. Wool and cotton will need vastly different ironing temperatures, so it’s good to know what material you’re dealing with. If you’re ironing dress pants, for example, you’ll need to set it a different temperature if they’re pure cotton or a wool blend. Check whether the garment can be ironed and at what temperature. If you see that a garment isn’t suitable to iron, you’ll have to come up with some alternatives to ironing. Here’s how to remove wrinkles without (or with minimal) ironing.

Simple steps: Hang your clothes

If you hang up your clothes immediately after washing, you can save time on the ironing. This way, your laundry doesn't get wrinkled when it's laying in the machine. It's best to hang shirts or blouses on a hanger and smooth them out, and then hang the hanger on the clothes rack. When you come to iron them, most of the wrinkles won’t have formed properly.

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Don’t dry completely

Make sure that blouses and shirts are still slightly damp when ironing. The work is then much easier than in a completely dry state—that’s why irons have a steam setting, or a lot of ironing tips include a water spray bottle. We like to think ahead and use what’s already there—so make use of the moisture in your freshly laundered clothes!

Using a hairdryer – Alternatives to ironing clothes.

In a hurry? Clothes already dry and wrinkled? Put on the wrinkled garment, moisten it with a spray bottle and then dry it with the hair dryer at a low heat setting and at a good distance from your body. Those in a hurry can put on the (only slightly) moistened garments as they are, and body heat will do the rest—this is best done in warm weather.

Bring on some steam!

A particularly practical tip for when you're on the go and need to remove wrinkles without ironing: hang your wrinkled garment on a hanger near the shower. The moist steam will smooth out small wrinkles and creased areas in a flash. We love a good time-saving tip!

Wet cloth in the dryer

Place your item of clothing in the dryer with a damp cloth. Then run on medium heat for about 20 minutes. The steam from the wet cloth will help steam up that wrinkled shirt of yours and remove the creases. Be sure to remove the item quickly so those wrinkles don’t come back.

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