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How to re-waterproof jackets

How to re-waterproof jackets

There’s nothing better than curling up in an armchair, all snug and warm when there’s a storm raging outside. Well, perhaps staying that warm and snug while you’re battling the elements outside comes close! Waterproof gear is essential for those of us who love nothing better than walking, horseback riding or cycling no matter the weather! Wearing waterproof gear while you’re out in the howling wind and rain is a great way to ensure you don’t feel under the weather (pun intended!) once you come home. But what happens when you start to feel the damp chill creeping through your functional jackets and pants? Is it game over for your anti-water armor? Definitely not! There are certain steps you can take to easily waterproof your jacket again. Here’s how to re-waterproof a jacket. 

How do you waterproof a jacket?

There are two great methods for waterproofing a jacket, either by washing in the waterproofing solution or via a spray. Here are both methods, so you can decide which one suits you best!

Tip! If you’ve noticed that your jacket doesn’t repel water like it used to, then you might want to wash your waterproof jacket first to check if that helps.

Spray-on waterproofing

This is a quicker method, so let’s jump right in!

  1. Make sure you have bought the right kind of waterproofing spray. There are lots of different kinds out there, and some are only suitable for certain types of fabrics. You can buy sprays that are designed specifically for waterproofing jackets, so this would be the best option.
  2. Test the spray on a hidden part of the jacket to be sure that the spray does not change the color of your jacket material at all. If everything looks good, move onto the next step.
  3. Check where you need to waterproof your jacket. Most jackets are perfectly waterproofed when first bought, which means that you’ll be waterproofing a used jacket. This is also the case if you bought your waterproof jacket second-hand—a great way to save money and the planet!—but it does mean you might want to waterproof thoroughly before putting your new garment to the test!
  4. Once you know where your jacket needs work (or maybe a full re-waterproofing!), make sure that your jacket is clean. You can wash your waterproof jacket if it is dirty, but in this case, we’d suggest the alternative waterproofing method below.
  5. Hang your jacket up outside on your balcony or in the yard and spray it with the waterproofing spray so the jacket is evenly covered. Stand about seven inches away from the jacket, or as directed on the packaging instructions. If you’re re-waterproofing on a windy day, make sure that the product doesn’t blow away instead of onto your jacket!
  6. Allow the jacket to dry naturally. If there’s a lot of excess moisture, wipe your jacket down with a lint-free cloth and then allow to dry.
  7. Done!
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Wash-in waterproofing method

This method is great if your jacket needs to be washed anyway and then re-treated. You can’t really do both at once, but before you dry your jacket you can wash it again with the waterproofing solution.

  1. Check that the waterproofing solution you have is suitable for your waterproof jacket, and that it works as a wash-in solution and not as a spray-on method.
  2. Clean your washing machine first. If you notice a lot of dirt and debris in your machine already, a cleaning cycle or a hot wash is a good way to clean your machine. Make sure that there is no residual detergent in the machine.
  3. Depending on your garment, set the wash at the highest possible setting. A lot of waterproofing solutions need a warm wash to activate, but make sure that this won’t damage your garment.
  4. Add your waterproofing liquid or powder and run the wash.
  5. Hang up your garment to dry naturally.
  6. Done!

That’s it! Those are two common and reliable methods for how to re-waterproof your jacket. If you want more tips and tricks, check out the cleaning and laundry sections on our website!