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Proper mohair care – How to take care of mohair sweaters

Proper mohair care – How to take care of mohair sweaters

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Mohair is a fabric with countless advantages. It’s not only comfortable, but also soft and very warm (simply perfect for autumn and winter evenings). If you want your mohair sweater to stay in its ideal condition for as long as possible, check out this article to learn how to wash mohair and how to take proper care of your favorite sweater. 

How to wash mohair

The answer to this question is quite simple—it’s best if you wash your mohair sweater by hand. The fabric is very delicate and the washing machine can damage it. Remember to use warm water (not more than 90°F!) and a mild laundry detergent such as all® Free Clear Pure Liquid Bio Detergent. To dry your mohair sweater, it’s best to lay it flat to avoid stretching. After drying the sweater, you can (very gently) comb it through with a hairbrush. Washing by hand doesn't have to be time consuming at all, and it will definitely make your mohair sweater stay in good shape.

Mohair wash – Washing machine?

If you don't have time and prefer washing your mohair sweater in the washing machine, you should know that there are a few simple rules. When you put it into the washing machine, make sure that you use a mild laundry detergent  and (only when necessary) powder. Check if your washing machine has a ‘sweater’ or ‘delicate’ feature. If it does, it’ll make the task much easier. However, if your washing machine doesn’t have these settings, remember to set a low temperature (no more than 90°F) and low speed and wash the garment in a mesh bag.

Mohair care – Storage

It’s best to store mohair sweaters in a cool, dry place, and make sure not to store them in plastic.

It’s important to know that you shouldn’t hang mohair clothes. Always fold them instead of using a hanger. Otherwise, your favorite sweater may become deformed—not an ideal situation.

It turns out that moths love mohair, so don't forget to put the right products (e.g., small sachets filled with lavender) in the closet with your mohair sweaters. Also, it makes sense to air out your closet from time to time.

Mohair sweater care – Additional tips

To restore the fluffiness of your mohair sweater, just shake it gently or run your fingers through it. It is advisable to avoid spraying perfume on mohair or ironing it. If you really need to iron your sweater, try to use a steam iron from a safe distance without touching the sweater directly.

Now that you know how to take proper care of your favorite mohair sweater, we hope you will be able to wear it for years to come.

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