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Caring for a Christmas tree in a pot

What says Christmas more than a fir tree surrounded by presents in the lounge? Decorating a potted Christmas tree is a fun and entertaining family event that kids look forward to every year. To ensure your Christmas tree remains healthy and looks great throughout the holiday season, remember these useful tips. 

Caring for a fir tree in a pot

Usually smaller and easier to take care of than cutting down a large fir tree, Christmas trees in a pot still need a fair bit of attention and care if they are to look their best in December. Fir trees in a pot are seen as more sustainable because you have the option to plant the tree in your garden after the holiday season is over, instead of simply throwing it into the garbage. If you like the idea of replanting the tree, then ensure it’s one from your region to give it the best chance of surviving later on.

Remember that potted Christmas trees are typically heavier than a cut tree, so choose a small one if the thought of carrying a heavy tree up some stairs doesn’t sound appealing! These types of trees also need to be transported upright because they are quite delicate.

How long will a Christmas tree in a pot typically last?

Potted trees will look their best for around 10 days before they start to lose their luster and need to be replanted in soil. Ideally, wait until a few days prior to Christmas before buying your fir tree in a pot to ensure that you’ve still got a great-looking tree for the morning of December 25th! After all, you don’t want a sad, wilting tree in the photos. If possible, place the tree in a cooler room next to a window but away from heaters or fireplaces, as this will help it adjust to the indoor temperature.


In terms of watering your Christmas tree in a pot, be careful not to overwater or underwater it – just like your other house plants. Ensuring that the container has a decent drainage outlet is important to allow excess water to leak out, as is checking the soil condition every day. In essence, water the tree if the soil looks dry but leave it if still appears moist. Keep in mind that bigger trees will require more water than smaller ones. Overwatering can drown your fir tree in a pot, while underwatering will cause leaves to turn brown and fall off. Learn more about Christmas tree watering here.

When buying your potted Christmas tree, just ensure that the seller knows their stuff and is giving you one that can definitely be planted again after the festive period is over. Be sure to register with Ask Team Clean today to get all the latest articles and exclusive deals sent to your email address before anyone else.