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Fabric for Summer

Fabric for summer

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If you’re into dressmaking—and even if you’re not—you may be interested in using light, flowing fabrics for your summer wardrobe. After all, there’s nothing worse than being too hot and feeling swamped in your clothes. The right fabric can help combat this, but it doesn’t end there. Thinking about color, as well as fabric, can give you the best results for a good fabric for summer dresses. We’ve collected some fabric types here to help you choose which summer fabric you want to use.

The different types of fabrics

Here are just a few different types of fabric and their characteristics to help you select the most suitable fabric for summer.


A firm favorite with lots of dressmakers, cotton is a great summer fabric because it is light and breathable. This characteristic of being breathable is crucial for summer—it allows air to circulate through the fabric, which dries out any sweat (neat, right?). Plus, cotton comes in so many patterns and colors that you can unleash your creativity and fulfill your design dreams. You may find our article on washing cotton clothes interesting!


Silk is lightweight and luxurious and is a popular choice for a summer fabric. As we shall see, polyester isn’t the best summer fabric so silk makes a good alternative. The fabric is light and natural, and is often brightly colored. However, it doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton or linen.


While cotton is cheap and cheerful, linen is usually a little more expensive and will usually come in muted colors. Linen is also breathable and light, and also a natural fabric, making it a popular choice for the eco-minded. It absorbs moisture and dries quickly, making it perfect for humid, hot days.


Although synthetic fibers aren’t as good at absorbing moisture, nor as breathable, rayon makes a good exception. Despite not being as absorbent as cotton, it is a lighter fabric. In dry heat, it makes for an excellent choice.

Use with caution…

Although polyester, georgette and chiffon are all light and airy fabrics for summer, they’re not ideal for those who sweat easily—or almost anyone in warm temperatures! There is a risk of deodorant stains in your pits with these fabrics.  For spaghetti straps on tops or very loose skirts, the fabrics might work, but use them with caution and the knowledge that they may end up being sweat-central!

Color choice in summer fabrics

There’s a reason why summer dresses are almost always white—this fabric doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker colors. When choosing a fabric for summer, think about the color choice, too. Pastels make a good alternative to plain white, or a pattern on a white background can also do the trick. Using a good summer fabric combined with the right colors will help you stay cool as a cucumber through the hottest of days!

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