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Folding sheets—top tips and folding guide

Folding sheets—top tips and folding guide

Bed linen is a household essential, but storing it takes up space. To help you maximize your storage space, we want to help you fold sheets more efficiently. Perhaps you’re used to just stuffing bed linen into a drawer and not folding linens at all. Or maybe you’re a cleaning maniac, looking to up your folding game—either way, we’ve got some tips to fold a bedsheet to help everyone!

Why fold linens?

At the end of the day, wrinkly bedding isn’t really a top concern. Clean bedding that looks nice is probably enough to suit most people, so why bother folding bed linen? Most of the time, folding textiles helps you store them more efficiently. It can save space and make it easier for you to grab the linens you want when you need them. If towels and bedsheets are all jumbled up together in a drawer, extracting what you need can take time. Save space and time by folding sheets and towels.

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How to fold bedsheets

Bedsheets are best folded once freshly laundered and dry and stored in a place where it won’t be exposed to dust. Here’s our routine for folding sheets:

  • It helps if you have a flat surface like a bed or table. In a pinch, a clean floor is also OK. For normal sheets all you have to do is bring one side of the fabric to the other, folding just like a piece of paper. What most people struggle with is the elasticized, fitted sheets. The following steps help with that.
  • Turn your fitted sheet inside out, making sure that the corners are all turned out the same way.
  • Bring up the bottom of the sheet to meet the top, folding along the long side so there’s a shorter folding line in the middle of the sheet.
  • Once the bottom is aligned with the top, tuck the bottom corners into the top—like you would stack them over one another. This means that the corners won’t bunch up and create a lumpy fold.
  • Now keep folding the sheet in half till you get the size you want. Fewer folds mean a flatter sheet and can sometimes be more efficient.

That’s it! You can repeat these steps for towels, too. Fitted sheets are the hardest linens to fold—bedcovers are a bit ungainly but fold up in neat squares without a problem.

Bonus tip! Store your linens folded inside out. That way, it’s easier to change your sheets the next time around.

We hope this has helped you fold your bed linens better. If you want more tips, just check out our organizing section on the website!