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Great home office ideas to inspire you

home office ideas and inspiration for your desk to work from home

Working from home can be distracting. There’s the dog and the children and the lure of the TV. This is why having a good home office arrangement can help you to regain focus. Best of all, you don’t need to have a dedicated room to make use of our home office design ideas. Even a corner in your living room can become a source of calm and productivity with these tips and tricks.

Make space for your new study

If your home is a bit on the small side, fear not. Even a small corner in the living room can be set up as a home office. Just make sure you select a spot that ideally offers some natural light and has enough space for a small desk and a chair. If you can fit a few shelves above the desk or to the side, even better.

Select the right office chair

Having a dedicated space is one thing but selecting a chair that keeps you comfortable for hours on end is quite another. You don’t need to splurge on the most expensive office chair, but make sure it’s ergonomic and if possible, test a few options before you buy anything.  a few tips on finding a good, ergonomic office chair according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration;

  • The backrest should conform to your spine and supply adequate lumbar support
  • The seat should allow your feet to rest flat on the floor or footrest
  • Armrests should be soft and allow your shoulders to relax
  • The chair should have a base with five legs with wheels so the chair can move easily along the floor

Set up the right light conditions

When you’re working from home, you’ll want to make sure you avoid eye strain. Not only should you take frequent breaks away from your desk to relax the eyes and stretch your legs, but it helps to set up in a bright spot near a window. This means you can enjoy plenty of natural light. If your room is naturally on the dark side, complete your home office design by furnishing it with comforting desk lamps and floor lights to make up for the lack of light.

Storage, storage, storage

From filing cabinets to cupboards to shelving – storage is a design element that sometimes gets overlooked when considering home office ideas. But for a smooth workflow and peace of mind, it’s worth keeping your desk clear and free from clutter. That’s where storage space comes in handy. Whether you’re looking to add some shelves for reference books or filing cabinets for important documents, there are plenty of stylish options out there. Look for the ones that suit your workflow best.

Organize your wires

Wires from extension cables and internet routers can quickly clutter up a study or workspace. To fix your cables, you can invest in cord tamers. Wires that run underneath the table can be fixed alongside the floorboards or the table legs. Use a grommet for your desktop wires. To avoid cables altogether, invest in wireless technologies.

Combining home office and the family is never simple, but we’re sure those tips will get you in the right direction. Once you’ve set up the basics by following the home office inspiration above, you can start to personalize the space by hanging plants and adding little finishing touches like framed pictures. Don’t hold back! It’s your office after all. Get more great advice by signing up to Ask Team Clean and getting new articles and promotions sent to your email address.