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Organize your closet for fall and winter

Re-organizing your Closet for autumn, fall and winter

You’ve looked for your favorite sweater all morning. Then you find it. At the bottom of the pile. You reach for it but the whole pile comes crashing down. Oh, man. We’ve all been there! Here are some clever organizational ideas for your closet to make finding chunky knits and bulky boots quick and easy. So you can spend more time flaunting them and less time finding them!

6 tips to get your closet organized for fall and winter

1. Sort by season
First things first: sort and separate! The arrival of fall is a great time to review what you own so you can decide to keep it…or not. Does it bring you joy? If not, say goodbye. Donate what doesn’t make the cut and separate what you decide to keep into two piles: spring/summer and fall/winter. 

Make space for cold-weather clothing by storing your summer wardrobe away for a while. Secondary storage boxes or compression (vacuum) bags are great for this.

And when you unpack your spring/summer wardrobe, it’ll feel like you’ve been shopping! Bonus. 

2. Organize hanging space
It’s inevitable that hanging space gets crazy over time. Getting ready in the morning is always such a rush! Now is the time to clean up to make finding items quicker. Think about: 

  • Removing some items from the closet rod and storing them elsewhere. Overstuffing makes things harder to find!
  • Hanging clothes according to weight and color or item type. And keep an eye out for good outfit combinations. This will save you time later.
  • Storing coats and other cold-weather accessories — like hats and gloves — elsewhere to free up precious hanging space. 

3. Dedicate space to sweaters and knits
They take up a lot of room, but our fall/winter style wouldn’t be the same without them. Let’s give them the closet space they deserve! Chunky knits and bulky sweaters hung on hangers lose their shape. Folding them in a big pile doesn't work, either. Instead, rolling them in a dedicated drawer (or three) makes finding them easier. Alternatively, add more shelves and fold into smaller piles. 

4. Divide and conquer
Underwear drawers have a real talent for being a mess. Luckily, drawer organizers are cost-effective and make locating the right pair of socks or strapless bra a breeze. Each thing (tights, bras, underwear, sports socks, thick socks) has its own place, making finding things easy. 

Re-organizing your Closet for the colder days, a sorted underwear drawer

5. Sort through shoes
None of us wear sandals in the snow. Store summer shoes away in cubbies or boxes to free up floor space for bulky boots. Tuck laces into shoes to keep things neat. And, consider putting the shoes you wear most by the front entrance and the shoes you wear less frequently in your closet. 

6. Hooks for looks
Give easy access to belts and scarves by hanging them on hooks on the inside of your closet or closet door. You could also use pant hangers or hangers designed for storing belts and scarves. 

Pro tip: Let there be light!
Longer nights mean more time spent getting dressed in the dark in the morning (or trying to, anyway). Why not fit some additional lighting, like battery-powered LEDs, to illuminate the darker corners of your closet. 

Decluttering your closet when the season changes make getting dressed simpler and less stressful. Take a look at our other organizing ideas that help save you time and effort. A new season in organizing your home is dawning!